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This Pink Airbnb Mansion In Essex Is The Ultimate Hen Party Palace

This Pink Airbnb Mansion In Essex Is The Ultimate Hen Party Palace

Paris Hilton would think this party palace is totally "hot".

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Imagine the kind of home Barbie would own IRL, where the Spice Girls would throw sleepovers in, or the kind of digs that Paris Hilton would be jealous of.

We're talking about Eaton House in Tiptree, Essex, the six bedroom property that has undergone an entirely pink renovation.

Amy Griffith, 43, moved to Essex in 2009 with the sole intention of transforming a normal house into a pink paradise, both inside and out. It's truly a girly-girl's fantasy - take a look...


Ten years after Amy began her quest, the house is complete and it's the kind of place that would send flutters through the heart of any pink devotee.

The house boasts several incredible rooms, from the royalty-worthy pink master bedroom to the space-inspired kitchen, flower-adorned entrance and garden complete with unicorns.

Amy, an artist and creative director, did the renovation on a budget, calling in a lot of her furniture from charity shops, car boots sales and eBay.


"I prefer to buy things secondhand as they have a story and so much character, I am naturally drawn to that sort of history," Amy explains. "I'm obsessed with making things so I've made a lot of it too!

"Every room is my favourite for different reasons, but ultimately I see the house as one piece and a total experience.

"It is a privilege as an artist to be able to create something on this scale and I appreciate every day."

Amy explains that the overriding theme for the property was love.


"It is inspired by the past, the present and the future as well as more specific things such as art, fashion, music, nature, the universe and of course overall the king of emotion and answer to pretty much everything - love," she says.

"It's hard for me personally to comment on what it is like to experience the house as an outsider because I created it and it is my reality.

"The feedback we get from many guests is that it is an aspirational and inspirational place that is often described a dreamlike and otherworldly escape."


Speaking about her neighbour's reaction to the standout home, Amy says: "Fortunately, as time has passed, the neighbours now have a better understanding of what the house's creative purpose is and it has become a part of Tiptree."

She adds: "I'm very excited for what's next - the time has come to move one and create something new."

What started as your standard Essex detached is now bookable for special girls' weekends, hen dos, TV opportunities and photo shoots. It even featured in Little Mix's 'Bounce Back' music video!


If you fancy yourself a lady of the pink manor, you can rent the place for the not-tiny sum of roughly £1,800 per night via AirBnb.

However, Amy adds: "There is no specific price tag for hiring the dream house; each quote is tailored depending on whether it is for commercial or personal use, how many guests there are, and what optional extras are asked for.

"Guests attending have to be over 25 but this can vary depending on the kind of event that is hosted and the occasion."


If you don't have £1,800 to spare but you fancy emulating Amy's home in your own instead, you're in luck as she's developed a range of pink paints, aptly named 'The Pink House Paints', made up of shades similar to those used in the home.

Now, we better get saving..

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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