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Mum Sparks Debate After Spotting A Book About Sperm In The Children's Section

Mum Sparks Debate After Spotting A Book About Sperm In The Children's Section

“What section did you want it in? It’s not porn”.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

While searching for a new bedtime story for her daughter, one mum had quite a shock when she found a book about a sperm named Willy in the children's section of a book shop.

The mum posted the book Where Willy Went by Nicholas Allan, which is described as being about the "big story of a little sperm". Allan's children's book tells the story of a little sperm who lives inside a man named Mr Browne and unfortunately for Willy, he is one of 300 million sperm fighting for the same prize - an egg.

The mum posted on Facebook after discovering the book in the children's section (

Clearly shocked by her discovery, the mother wrote: "Thought I'd buy my daughter a new boo and came across this... in the children's area! We settled for Paddington bedtime stories don't worry." The Facebook post racked up more than 1.2K comments with many mums also shocked about a book about a sperm being for children whilst many defended it for being educational.

According to Amazon, the book is recommended for children aged 5-7.

One popular comment reads: "Where else would you find it but the children's section? If an adult doesn't yet know where babies come from they need a book called 'so society has failed you?'"

Another mum defended the book, adding: "I actually brought this for my 5 year old. It's hilarious! Even more hilarious when he asks my mum to read it to him."

Where Willy Went is a children's book by Nicholas Allan (
Red Fox Picture Books)

A third mum in support of the book shared: "My kids love this book. It gave them enough information about how babies are made without explaining sex."

"Looks like a children's book to me..." penned a fourth.

"What section did you want it in? It's not porn," added another.

A mum in the comments section explained that she bought the book for her children, aged eight and six, when she was pregnant with their younger brother. "And do you know what, not even a slight blush from my kids because we discuss things openly and don't act like things are too rude to be spoken about to children," she said. "There are just ways of explaining things to children, that's all.

Some mums felt the book was suitable for younger children (

On the other hand, there were also lots of mums who thought the book may be inappropriate. "I really don't understand the mentality of some people when they find books like this funny," wrote one Facebook user.

A second commenter explained that her children brought the book into school and she was called in after staff thought it was inappropriate. "My kids got this from the childminder took it into school and yep I got the call and was asked to pick it up and the roasting about it being inappropriate for school."

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