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Man Drives 2,000km From Italy To Ukraine To Rescue Girlfriend

Man Drives 2,000km From Italy To Ukraine To Rescue Girlfriend

Federico travelled thousands of miles to rescue his girlfriend.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

A man has revealed how he drove over a thousand miles to rescue his girlfriend from Ukraine.

Federico, who lives in Italy, became increasingly concerned about his girlfriend Lyuda - who is Ukrainian and was in the country when the invasion started - after she lost electricity and internet connection where she was staying.

Since he couldn't fly into Ukraine, Federico made the decision to drive all the way from Milan to Ukraine, something he describes as "the most difficult journey of my life".

Federico shared a video of his journey on TikTok. You can watch it below:

Speaking to Tyla, Federico explained the journey took him more than 20 hours, crossing five countries in total.

"My girlfriend Lyuda is Ukrainian and she was in Ukraine when the war started," says Federico.

"Since I'm a content creator I shared some videos online talking about my girlfriend, hoping someone would help her. I received support online but I was very worried and I decided to rescue her [by] driving my car since it was not possible to reach Ukraine by air.

"I started my journey in Milan and drove all the way to Ukraine crossing five countries. It took me more than 20 hours and it was the longest and most difficult journey of my life.

Federico drove from Italy (

"I couldn't contact my girlfriend because most electricity and internet connection were cut off where she was staying, although she sent me her location beforehand.

"I used to live in Ukraine and it was heartbreaking to see the current situation. I only was able to rescue my girlfriend, unfortunately her brother and her dad couldn't leave the country - all men over 18 were required to stay."

Federico confirmed Lyuda's is now safe, with the pair returning to Italy.

After watching the couple's video on TikTok, people were blown away, with one person writing: "If someone will ask what is love, will show that video."

While another said: "Girl he loves you so much."

And a third added: "If you guys don't marry each other, I will be mad."

Federico said it was the hardest journey of his life (

You can follow the rest of Federico and Lyuda's journey here.

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