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Vet issues warning to pet owners over feeding dogs raw meat

Vet issues warning to pet owners over feeding dogs raw meat

The vet shared his unpopular opinions on TikTok, including whether you should feed your dog raw meat

It’s long been believed that feeding raw meat to dogs is one of the best things you can do.

Kind of akin to feeding your pooch a Michelin-standard meal.

When it comes to our furry friends, it’s always good to stay engaged with the latest advice to ensure we’re giving them the care they deserve.

Now, a vet called Ben has gone viral on TikTok after issuing an urgent warning that says feeding our dogs raw meat is the last thing we should be doing.


He titled his video ‘Unpopular opinion - the veterinary version’, before listing five opinions he has about pet ownership.

Don't feed your pet raw meat

He began: “Number one. Feeding raw meat to your pet is not a risk worth taking.

“When you prepare raw meat for yourself if you’re a meat eater, you’re probably quite careful about washing your hands and avoiding cross contamination.

“If your dog eats raw meat, then they will get raw meat juice in and around their mouth which contains bacteria, potentially spreading it all over your house and on your face when they lick you.

“If you have small children or anyone immunosuppressed in your house, just don’t take the risk of making them sick.”


Vet Ben then goes on to share the rest of his opinions.

Calling yourself a ‘pet parent’ is an ick

“It makes me wanna throw up a little bit," Ben begins.

“I think we should be considering pets part of the family, but you’re not their parent and they’re not your child”, he says.

Your cat is a loner

Ben says: “Your cat is a loner and doesn’t need any new friends.

“It can be a disaster to introduce a new cat to the household.”

Ben then explains that cats are naturally picky about the company they keep, and if they hate another cat, the stress can lead to health issues such as cystitis or urinary infections.

Adopting a dog from abroad isn’t always a good idea

Ben explains that choosing to rehome a street dog from overseas sometimes does more harm than good.

Ben says we must consider temperament, as ‘not a lot of these dogs are used to interacting with humans’.

“They can find living in a household very stressful”, Ben says.

This can then lead to behavioural issues and aggression.

Brushing teeth

Ben says that to really keep your dogs’ teeth clean, ditch the 'teeth cleaning' dental treats and brush their teeth.

“I think many dogs just inhale them.

“And they are very fattening.

“I think they make a lot of people think they’re doing something proactive, but I don’t think they are that great.”

People fled to the comments to share their thoughts.

One person wrote: “I agree with all your opinions! my personal 'pet' hate is adopting dogs from abroad, there are enough dogs in this country who need a good home.”

Another said: “Erm excuse me but she is my daughter!!”

A third chimed in: “Don't agree with 1 or 2 but the rest I get.”

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