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Woman who looks younger in her 30s than she did in her 20s reveals what she did to turn back the clock

Woman who looks younger in her 30s than she did in her 20s reveals what she did to turn back the clock

Torey has shared her tips on both skincare and makeup to help her look younger

A woman who says she looks younger in her 30s than she did in her 20s has shared the skincare and makeup advice she wishes she'd known a decade ago.

Skincare influencer Torey has gained hundreds of followers on TikTok by sharing her tips, tricks and routines for better skin, including information about natural skin and advice about makeup.

Now in her 30s, Torey has had years of figuring out what works best for her, and she used her knowledge for a video in which she compared her look now to the way she looked in her 20s.

Torey regularly shares skincare and makeup tips.

She made the comparison with an image which she said had been taken six years earlier, saying: "I think I look younger now than I did then.”

"I think a lot of it has to do with makeup technique and also skincare, so I want to share what I've changed to help me look, I think, younger than I did then."

Torey's first tip began with her suncream habits, as she admitted: "I used to bake in tanning beds in high school and in college."

She stopped going on sunbeds to save money, but whenever she'd sunbathe in the real sunshine she was 'hardly ever applying sunscreen'.

Torey compared herself to a picture from 6 years ago.

"The other thing that I've done for my skin that I think has made a big difference, especially for my under-eyes... [is] I started incorporating a retinol and more moisturisers," Torey continued, admitting she used to be 'totally afraid' of moisturisers because she believed she should be 'avoiding them with oily skin'.

"That's totally not true," Torey stressed.

The influencer then turned her attention to her makeup, drawing focus to her eyebrows which used to have more of a 'harsh line' in the middle.

“In terms of makeup, this kind of dark, bold brow used to be super in but now it’s not really my thing," Torey said. "Now what I do is, I have two shades of an eyebrow pencil and I actually use a shade lighter to help fill in these front parts so you don’t get that harsh line."

Torey has changed her makeup as well as her skincare routine.

She's also swapped black eyeliner for brown eyeshadow to give a more natural look.

Concluding her thoughts on her transformation, Torey said: "The last thing I'm gonna say is... I really changed my diet and lifestyle, back then I was going out a lot more and drinking... so I was a bit puffier then and I think just the fact that I have slowed down now has really helped a lot and it's helped improve my skin."

Viewers have thanked Torey for her advice on skincare, with one TikTok user commenting: "This was helpful cause i’m in my early 20s and i just really want to keep my skin healthy!!"

In response, Torey assured the viewer they've 'got this' and stressed that suncream should be 'number one' on the priority list.

Featured Image Credit: @textureandglowskin/TikTok

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