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Woman defends asking ‘time blindness’ interview question after being slammed as 'lazy'

Woman defends asking ‘time blindness’ interview question after being slammed as 'lazy'

Time blindness can be a common symptom of ADHD

A woman whose question at a job interview led to her being told that ‘your stupid generation is ruining the workplace’ is now being blasted on social media too.

She’s now hit back at the negative comments, accusing those mocking her of ableism.

Sarah Trefren was interviewing to apply for a trade school and asked what she thought was a ‘very reasonable question’, but the interviewer had a very different opinion.

She said in a TikTok video: “I just got yelled at for asking a very reasonable question. I am applying to go somewhere and I just wanted to know are there accommodations for people who struggle with time blindness and being on time, you know.

“And then the person that I was with interrupted and acted like I was asking something else and then when we were done they actually started yelling at me and saying accommodations for time blindness don’t exist and if you struggle being on time you will never be able to get a job – you know, provided you are trying your absolute best to be there.

"And then they're like, your stupid generation wants to destroy the workplace."

She anticipated that some people might call her entitled, but said that couldn’t be further from the truth.

She said: “To think I’m entitled. No, if people think it’s OK to treat others like this, that’s entitlement.”

Some were very supportive of Sarah, with one TikToker writing: “It's very real! We can practice and do our best but it is hard.”

The TikToker was slammed for her interview question.

Another said: “I’m so sorry. You shouldn’t have been treated that way or yelled at. Accommodations can simply include reminders and timers.”

Others were more skeptical, with one writing: “There’s like.. clocks, though.”

Another said: “As someone with ADHD I always look at how long it will take to get to a destination and multiple alarms.

“Sure maybe time blindness is a thing, but it’s easy to combat/fix. You’re just being ‘lazy’ or victimising yourself if you can’t do those simple solutions I mentioned above.”

She said in a follow-up video: “When I posted the video I thought everyone would know I was referring to ADHD time blindness.”

She slammed online hate following her original video as ableist and has since clarified that the accommodations she was asking for were ‘a 15-minute window and more times you’re allowed to be late’.

That doesn’t sound like too much to ask, really.

Do you agree with Sarah?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@chaotic_philosopher

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