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This 50p Piece Is Worth Nearly £600 - Have You Got One?

This 50p Piece Is Worth Nearly £600 - Have You Got One?

You could be sitting on a small fortune.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

A list of the rarest 50ps has been released by the Royal Mint on Twitter to mark 50 years since the introduction of the coin.

The rarest one still in circulation is the 2009 Kew Gardens 50p, according to the government-owned coin producer, which has been selling on eBay for as much as £599.

This Kew Gardens coin is selling for hundreds on Ebay.
Royal Mint

It is quite a hefty sum for such a low denomination of money, but the value is all down to its rarity.

There were just 210,000 of them created, which is nothing compared to the 456,364,100 Britannia 1997 50p coins in circulation.

Due to the small number of the Kew Gardens coins left, collectors are paying through the nose for the special 50p, typically selling for around the £400-£500 mark, although we have spotted one that sold for almost £600.

Excuse us, we're just off to go through our money pot to see if we're accidentally sitting on a gold mine.

But it's not the only one in high demand, with the 29 Olympic coins being much-sought-after.

The Olympic wrestling coin is the second rarest 50p piece in circulation.

The 2011 Olympic wrestling coin is the second rarest in circulation, with a mintage of 1,129,500, followed by the Olympic football 50p, of which there are 1,161,500.

You may also remember the hype over the Peter Rabbit coins when they were released in 2018.

Now, the Peter Rabbit and Flopsy Bunny coins are the sixth and seventh rarest, both with 1,400,000 in circulation.

The Royal Mint's director of currency, Andrew Mills, said: "The official 2018 mintage figures provide a guide to the volume and variety of coins in 50p circulation today.

"Coin collecting remains as popular as ever in the UK, and October marks 50 years of the iconic 50p, widely considered to be the most collectable coin."

The Peter Rabbit coin is the 6th rarest 50p piece.
Royal Mint

The most rare 50p coins in circulation are:

1. 2009 Kew Gardens: 210,000

2. 2011 Olympic wrestling: 1,129,500

3. 2011 Olympic football: 1,161,500

4. 2011 Olympic judo: 1,161,500

5. 2011 Olympic triathlon: 1,163,500

6. 2018 Peter Rabbit: 1,400,000

7. 2018 Flopsy Bunny: 1,400,000

8. 2011 Olympic tennis: 1,454,000

9. 2011 Olympic goalball: 1,615,500

10. 2011 Olympic shooting: 1,656,500

Perhaps one of the rare coins is lurking at the bottom of your handbag?

The Royal Mint is also celebrating the iconic 50p piece's 50th birthday by releasing a limited edition commemorative version of its inaugural design, created by Christopher Ironside.

The new coin has a special privy mark struck on the outer rim of the reverse of the coin which references the science behind its shape.

Nicola Howell, Director of Consumer of the Royal Mint commented: "Over the last 50 years the 50p has grown to become one of the most collectable coins.

"Its iconic and revolutionary shape is distinctive, and has led to it becoming one of the most loved coins amongst the public."

We'll love it even more if we can make £600 from it... Best get back to searching for one.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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