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Kids clothing boss hits back at 'touchy women' offended by baby grow

Kids clothing boss hits back at 'touchy women' offended by baby grow

The controversial baby sleepsuit has gone viral online

A kids clothing business owner has clapped back at all the ‘touchy women’ who have been offended by her latest design.

Victoria King, who runs Vicky’s Babywear and personalised items, shared one of her unique sleepsuit designs on Facebook last month.

The image showed a customised babygrow that featured the humorous quip, ‘When do I... get a spray tan, false eyelashes and lip filler like Mummy’.

Shortly after sharing, King noticed that her post had garnered more traction than usual as a plethora of negative reactions flooded the comment section of the tongue-in-cheek design.

The babygrow featuring the controversial slogan.
Kennedy News and Media

One Facebook user wrote: "I don’t know what’s worse, the item itself or the fact there’s a market for it.”

Another simply commented: “This is heartbreaking.”

"Way to bring your kid up to believe her appearance is the most important thing about her and she'll never be good enough," one person added.

However, King’s loyal followers expressed their love for the unique design, slamming the 'snowflake Karens' for missing the joke.

One of the fashion brand’s fans wrote: “Love it, each to their own is what I say. If we were all the same what a boring world we would live in ... the world is full of Karens.”

While second said: “This is fab I love it.”

And another shared a picture of a red alarm and the word 'snowflake'.

Victoria King has been creating kooky designs in the baby clothing industry for 10 years.
Kennedy News and Media

Following the feedback, King herself thought about deleting the post. However, she was reassured by close friends that the 0-3-month baby girl design wouldn’t be ‘everyone’s cup of tea’.

Speaking about the ordeal, King, 55 said: “At the minute people are just so touchy about everything, you can’t say anything anymore - people just get offended.

“It’s so strange, I just don’t understand some of the comments. You don’t go to Marks and Spencer, see two blouses… and go on their website and say, ‘this one’s disgusting’.

“I don’t understand it, unfortunately, that’s the way it is.”

The kids clothing boss, from Norton, Cheshire, said that when the negative feedback started to roll in, she was initially upset.

“In the beginning, it was bothering me that people were taking it so personally,” she said. “I had people saying, ‘oh no I wouldn’t put this on a baby, this is disgusting’.”

Another one of King's designs.
Kennedy News and Media

She also states that the negative comments from ‘touchy women’ got so bad, that she ended up blocking a few trolls.

Before going to delete the post, King turned to her friends who helped her see sense.

She said: “I rang some friends and they said, ‘it’s not everybody’s cup of tea but it’s a business for personalised items so you can do whatever you like’, so, I kept it on.”

The business owner admitted that this is the first time she’s ever had a viral reaction to a sleep suit design.

"I've put that one on many times before and it's not got that reaction. However, it’s not putting me off doing these quirky designs again,” King explained.

"The good comments outweigh the bad, I'm over the moon with that and people putting orders in."

King has been creating kooky designs in the baby clothing industry for 10 years.

The babygrows retail for £7.
Kennedy News and Media

Some of her other sleep suit styles include the slogans, ‘Be honest, does my bum look big in this?’ and, ‘When I grow up, I’d love a moustache just like nana'.

Would you buy one of these sleepsuits for the little one in your life?

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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