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Man 'Tries Out Pregnancy' And Struggles To Complete Tasks

Man 'Tries Out Pregnancy' And Struggles To Complete Tasks

This is hilarious!

A man has shared a clip of himself 'trying' pregnancy - and it's fair to say he struggles!

Couple Saif and Leigh - who go by the name of @saifandleigh on TikTok - shared a clip of Saif with a huge pumpkin strapped to his stomach, trying to complete simple tasks.

You can watch the clip below:

"Making my husband do simple tasks with a belly like mine," Leigh wrote.

In the clip, Saif tries to use a dustpan and brush, and shave his legs - but struggles at both.

He even finds it difficult getting out of bed in the morning!

And followers are finding it hilarious, with one person commenting: "Iconic. Make 'em understand sis."

Saif struggled to complete simple tasks (

While another said: "Love that he tried it for a minute."

And a third added: "Let's see how the guys feel 😂😂😂."

And a fourth wrote: "Well this is the best idea ever."

Other women tagged their own partners, suggesting they also try the experiment. Meanwhile, one person tried to defend Saif, writing: "He's at a disadvantage he looks 11 months pregnant."

He struggled to shave his legs (

In other baby news, earlier this week we told you how a massage instructor on TikTok shared a simple trick to getting your baby to fall asleep.

Elina - who goes by the name of @kahlmi on TikTok - shared a simple way to help your baby sleep, simply by massaging their forehead and brows.

Elina explains: "Baby won't sleep? This works every time!

"Step 1: Glide index finger from forehead to nose. Step 2: Gently rub eyebrows from inside to outside."

While the specific technique is not scientifically verified, according to The National Childbirth Trust (NCT) baby massage in general has a number of benefits, with some mums reporting improved sleep for their babies.

You can read more on that technique - and watch the clip - here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@saifandleigh

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