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Man says husband wants to call off divorce because his cancer treatment was successful

Man says husband wants to call off divorce because his cancer treatment was successful

The man was forced to undergo chemotherapy by himself after being diagnosed

A cancer survivor has claimed his husband called off their divorce proceedings after discovering his chemotherapy and surgery had been successful.

In a revealing post on Reddit, the survivor explained that he had been diagnosed with testicular cancer during his marriage, and when his husband found out he filed for divorce.

The poster claimed his husband felt it would be 'too much to take care' of the man he'd married, and left him to fight cancer alone.

However, they weren't able to get divorced straight away, as the poster explained that in the province where he lives 'you have to live separately and apart for one year before a divorce is granted'.

The couple had to be separated before divorcing.
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The man continued his treatment, undergoing surgery and chemotherapy, and amazingly his latest check up returned 'no evidence of disease'.

It's incredible news for the man, but he was left shocked when his husband somehow found out about the result and apparently changed his mind about the divorce.

"When he found that out (I don't know how) he applied in court to withdraw the divorce application," the man wrote on Reddit, adding: "He told me we can stay married since I'm no longer sick and was actually shocked when I blocked the divorce withdrawal petition through my own lawyer."

The man made clear he doesn't 'want to be married to him after what he did', and after sharing his story he was inundated with caring messages from shocked Reddit users.

One person responded to the post to claim men 'leave their sick partners at a far higher rate than women', but while the survivor admitted he had been warned about this supposed trend, he 'naively thought it would never happen' to him.

Chemotherapy and surgery was successful for the man.
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Supportive commenters told the poster his ex had revealed his 'true nature' and encouraged him to move forward with his life, with one writing: "Good for you, time to focus on yourself and your journey back to better health. I wish you the very best of luck!"

"You really do find out who cares about you when you’re at your lowest," another person wrote, adding: "I’m glad you’re recovering! Best wishes for a long life and a better partner."

Unfortunately this incident doesn't appear to be isolated, as another Reddit user described their family member who had been diagnosed with cancer encountering 'dozens of people whose spouses, both newly married (like under 5 years) and long-term (up to 25 years), left them after the diagnosis'.

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