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Woman, 21, who is a 'mum' to 15-year-old says other parents don't take her seriously

Woman, 21, who is a 'mum' to 15-year-old says other parents don't take her seriously

Hunter Nelson, who is the 'parent' to a 15-year-old, said people are left confused.

A 21-year-old ‘mum’ has said no one takes her seriously because her ‘child’ is 15 years old.

Hunter Nelson, a TikToker from Kentucky, used the video-sharing app to some details about her unique family situation.

She posts using the handle @hunterenelson and viewers are constantly left stunned by her videos.

One clip in particular from 2021, which has been viewed more than eight million times and has 920,000 likes, sees Hunter reflect on the fact she’s '21 with a 15-year-old'.

She adds: "No other parents or staff members at her [high school] are gonna take me serious," and "I can already feel people asking me what grade I’m in when I go to her events."

The clip spread across TikTok in 2021 and there were lots of confused responses – and confusing – responses.

Let’s just say lots of people took it literally.

Hunter shared her parenting story on TikTok.

“You can’t get pregnant at 6! She’s just lying about her age she’s probably 30ish,” one commenter declared.

“You can be 21 and adopt a 15-year-old but I don’t think it’s her kid. I think it’s her sibling,” another person suggested.

A third joked: “You know I was gonna fact check this and see if it’s even possible but I don’t think that’d be a good look in my phone.”

“U WERE SIX WHEN YOU HAD A BABY,” another TikTok user reacted in horror.

While one confused person wrote: “How does this work.."

However, Hunter clarified her parenting situation and just in case you were wondering, she unsurprisingly didn’t have a baby when she was six years old.

People were left confused by Hunter's story.

"I recently filed for guardianship of my sister a few months ago … I felt the best way to keep my sister safe, happy and to have all her needs and wants met was to come live with me," she said.

Hunter said that their father passed away in 2015 and her half-sister’s mother passed away not long after.

Hunter’s sister was in danger of being placed in foster care so she petitioned the courts for guardianship.

One teacher said: “You’d be surprised. I have a few students that their siblings have guardianship and they’re the best parents!’

Another young guardian said: “Best advice: go in no nonsense! I took my twin siblings 14 and 18 and I had to be cold and sometimes almost mean to get people to take me seriously.”

A third wrote: “I am 23 with a 15 year old sister. I don’t have legal guardianship but I take care of her. I understand your struggle.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/hunterenelson

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