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Hungover mum writes hilariously relatable note to sons after night out

Hungover mum writes hilariously relatable note to sons after night out

Bribery at its finest...

A mum has left people crying tears of laughter after sharing her ‘relatable’ note to her children after a late night concert.

With children to entertain, a mum took it upon herself to leave an honest message for her sons pleading for a lie in – with the promise of a fun day out if they let her sleep.

The note, which she displayed on her bedroom door, read: "Good morning boys. Please do not enter!

"I know it's school holidays but if you let me sleep until 10am, I will take you to Adventure World tomorrow. Please boys. Love, mum."

The mum left a note outside her bedroom door.
Facebook/The Waifs

"In case you're asking, yes bribery for Adventure World works..." she then teased alongside the note, which also featured an illustration of a clock. "Happy mum!"

The note was shared on the official Facebook page of the Australian band The Waifs, paired with the caption: “In case you're asking, yes bribery for Adventure World works... Happy mum.

"Mick Thomas and band were fabulous as always.”

Parents loved reading the note and the mum’s attempt for a few extra hours of shut-eye, with one commenting: “Wish this worked with my lot."

While one mum admitted: “Hope the note works. mine know how to unlock my door.”

The mum's note has received heaps of praise on social media.
Hero Images Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo.

And a third Waifs fan teased: “She must have been exhausted... she missed the 11 on the clock haha.”

Someone else also noticed the mistake on the crudely drawn image of the clock. “As long as they are not relying on the clock face for help, this is hilarious,” they quipped.

Another Facebook user added: “Classic bribery at its best, hope you got your sleep in.”

Other commenters shared their own hilarious experiences of leaving notes outside doors to catch some z’s, with one confessing: “I did a similar thing only wrote the note to my mum telling her not to wake me cos I had been at a Pink Floyd concert the night before.

Donna Simpson is a member of The Waifs.
Facebook/The Waifs

"I did have school, kinda missed the bus, she refused to write me an absentee note for my teacher.

"But hey, had an awesome night!!"

The Waigs revealed in the comments that the note was written by band member Donna Simpson as the folk band embark on a tour across Australia.

The guitarist, vocalist and songwriter has two sons, born in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

Featured Image Credit: Chris Rout / Alamy / The Walifs/Facebook

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