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How To Protect Dyed Blonde And Bleached Hair In The Sun

Unity Blott


How To Protect Dyed Blonde And Bleached Hair In The Sun

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet, and your hair is looking... completely frazzled.

Yes, if your dyed blonde tresses are struggling under the spring sunshine you're not alone. UVA rays can be just as harmful to hair just they are to skin, but the good news is there are steps you can take to protect it from damage and discolouration.

First and foremost, vitamin C can be a life-saver for dyed or bleached hair. The antioxidant can protect from UVA and comes in lots of products like leave-in conditioner and serum.

Too much sun can be bad news for dyed hair (Credit: Alamy)
Too much sun can be bad news for dyed hair (Credit: Alamy)

We spoke to Sam Hankin, stylist at Blue Tit salon in Brixton, who told us: "If the hair is already lightened blonde, then being outside in the sun will help it to brighten more naturally, but make sure you've got plenty of hair SPF.

"Choose everyday products that already contain SPF in. Also avoid over using purple shampoo, as it could make it look dull and a bit green in some lights... and absolutely do not use it in the sun"

So there you have it - look after dyed blonde hair in the sun like you would with your skin.

And if you're jetting off for sunnier climes? You'll no doubt want to avoid the dreaded 'green staining' that can occur when bleached hair interacts with chlorine in the pool.

Your hair is much like a sponge - in that it will absord much more liquid if it's dry than an already-wet sponge.

With this in mind, it's advisable to pre-soak your hair in clean water before swimming in a chlorinated pool.

If you want to ensure total protection, a hair masque (the oilier the better!) or even a swim cap will do the job - hence creating a physical barrier between your hair and the water.

Want to read more about protecting your hair in the sunshine? Read here.

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Unity Blott
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