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Little girl calls her mum a ‘monster’ after she accidentally wipes doll's eye off

Little girl calls her mum a ‘monster’ after she accidentally wipes doll's eye off

A little girl could be heard calling her mum a 'monster' after she wiped off her doll's eye.

There was always that favoured toy when you were growing up - you'd take this thing with you everywhere, from the shops to the toilet - that thing would follow you around.

And as you are taking this toy on its own school trip every day, the chances of it getting damaged are quite high.

You know what toddlers can be like, throwing toys around like they are playing handball.

So who do you go to when they are broken - your guardians, of course.

But we doubt this one little girl will be going back to her mum when her favourite toy breaks again, as she was left horrified by how one of her toys was fixed.

TikToker Mary Jane Flores (@maryjane.flores) posted a video of her repairing - well attempting to repair - her daughter's Trolls toy. Watch it below:

Captioning the video, Flores said: "When you try cleaning Sharpie off your daughters toy and accidentally wipe of her eye."

And as the woman turns the camera to the toy, you immediately notice that the left eye of the toy is now completely non-existent.

The little girl is horrified by the now one-eyed Poppy Trolls toy as you here her off-camera crying and even call her mum a 'monster'.

Since the TikTok was uploaded back in September, it has gone viral with more than 21 million views and 2.7 million likes on the social media platform.

Over eight thousand people have also commented on the TikTok, with the official DreamWorks Trolls also getting involved in the discussion.

They said: "well that’s gonna leave a mark 😳."

A second jokingly added: "Add a eye patch 😂."

The TikToker accidently removed one eye from the doll.
mjflores920 / TikTok

Meanwhile, a third provided some advice: "Wipe the other one off and buy eye stickers."

And a fourth reminisced of her own experience: "I did this to my nieces doll.... well just the eyebrows 🤣."

Since the TikTok blew up, Mary Jane has provided updates to her followers on the progress of the toy doll following its terrible ordeal.

In one hilarious follow-up TikTok, she replies to a comment who asks her to put googly eyes on the toy, and Mary Jane does not disappoint.

The doll has had new eyes since.
mjflores920 / TikTok

Accompanying an iconic TikTok track, she zooms into the toy's googly eyes, and it is quite frankly terrifying.

However, her daughter did not seem as traumatised compared to the original video.

Featured Image Credit: mjflores920 / TikTok

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