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Group Of Friends Cruelly Trolled Over 'Too Many Fillers' After Stranger Finds Lost Photo

Group Of Friends Cruelly Trolled Over 'Too Many Fillers' After Stranger Finds Lost Photo

A group of friends were trolled after a stranger found their lost picture in Asda.

A group of friends were mercilessly trolled online after a kind-hearted stranger found their lost photo in a supermarket and tried to get it back to them using social media.

Eboni Snook, 21 and Eloise Lane, 20, lost the snap of them with three other besties while taking it to get it framed in Asda, in Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham. They forgot about the picture until it was discovered last week and a stranger started a campaign to reunite it with them.

The pals planned to frame the photo and gift it to best friend Daisy Allen, 22, who was also posing in the pic alongside Mia Stafford, 20, and Tayla Dickinson, 21, at Eboni's 21st birthday party in June.

A kind stranger tried to reunite the girls with their lost picture (

But when a good Samaritan shared the photo on Facebook in a bid to reunite them with it, the since-deleted post attracted lots of harsh comments about their appearance.

The innocent snap shows the group of five surrounded by gold, silver and baby pink balloons with their hands on their hips, posing and pouting into the camera.

Friends and family alerted the girls to the post after a stranger found it and posted it on a community Facebook group to try and get it back to the girls.

Eboni, from Birmingham, explained: "The girls in the photo were doing a secret Santa. Eloise was getting a photo of us all framed so I went to Asda with her but later that day she messaged asking if I'd seen the photo or if it was in my car because she couldn't find it.

The picture was found at Asda in Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham (

"We never found it and we got Daisy something else and we forgot about it. Then on New Year's Day, someone posted the photo in our local Facebook group. They'd found it in Asda. It was really nice of them to try and get it back to us.

"The next minute, all of those comments were popping up calling us Birmingham Spice Girls and Little Mix."

One person asked if 'anyone had work done?', while others compared them to Little Mix or even suggested they had 'spent a lot of money on lip filler'.

"People were commenting asking how much lip filler we'd had and our family and friends started tagging us in the post to let us know it was our photo.

"It was my 21st birthday in May and it was the first time we'd been together in a long time because of lockdown. It's a birthday to remember now."

After the photo went viral, the girls went to collect the photo from Asda's lost and found department but in an unusual twist, they discovered that someone else had already claimed it.

Eboni said: "I went to collect the pictures from Asda and someone else has already collected it who wasn’t anyone in our group or who we know."

In the words of Kris Jenner: "This is a case for the FBI".

Eboni shared screenshots on Twitter of the cruel comments that have since gone viral, with more than 600 interactions. Luckily the friends took the comments in good humour.

Eboni never got the picture back (

Eboni said: "It's gone so viral since I tweeted it and I don't know how. I never expected it and I can't believe it.

"We haven't taken offence at all. It's hilarious and it's made us laugh. "It's funny that they posted it on there in the first place when we could have just got another one printed.

"Someone asked if we were Little Mix and someone replied saying they had no idea but we've spent a lot of money on lip filler.

"Someone said it was 'awful.' We've only had a bit of work done, just a bit of filler. There were some inappropriate comments from men saying 'I wish'.

The most offensive one was the guy who said 'I smell Impulse'.

"Some people were nice and said what a lovely photo it is, some asked where our clothes were from."

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