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People 'obsessed' with viral new 'rat snacking' TikTok trend

People 'obsessed' with viral new 'rat snacking' TikTok trend

Move over #girldinner as new viral 'rat snacking' TikTok trend emerges

We might have celebrated the #girldinner back in 2023, but 2024 is all about the #ratsnack.

Embracing your inner rodent, rat snacking involves scurrying into the kitchen, scavenging through whatever's in the cupboards, and throwing together a scandalous combination of whatever you can get your mitts on.

Kind of like the way a rat would rampage through your kitchen and take whatever it could find.

2024 is the year of the rat snack.

We're talking random combinations, bits and bobs and bite-sized nibbles. Think humous topped chocolate, cheese toasties dipped in Biscoff spread or - an oldie but a goodie - salty fries topped with ice cream.

Yes, they're absolutely violent combinations, but it doesn't matter - they're delicious.

You might think you've been rat snacking for years; after all, who doesn't cobble together random food creations?

The trend itself might not be particularly new, but it's about time it was given a proper name.

Abbey shared her rat snack.

In fact, it's taken off so much that Waitrose has even mentioned it in its

annual food and drink report.

"Those aged 18-24 are the group who snack the most frequently and social media is awash with people showing plates of artfully arranged snacks, kicking off one of this year’s most weirdest-sounding trends for #ratsnacks – the unashamed joy of eating unusual snack combos (that only you enjoy!) often made from raiding the kitchen cupboards," the report read.

With rat snacking in full swing, people are posting all sorts of combinations over on TikTok.

Speaking about her 'super unhinged rat snack' TikToker @abbeyskitchen explained that she combined apple, cinnamon, butter and brown sugar in bowl and popped it in the microwave.

She then used the concoction as a toast topper before adding slices of 'plastic' cheese and crunchy nuts on top.

Discussing the allure of the rat snack, Abbey told Bustle: “[With] the rise in grocery costs, people are trying to find any way that they can save money and for a lot of people, this means digging deep into the pantry, freezer, or fridge to pull together any little bits and pieces that may not traditionally go together.

"These rat snacks are becoming more popular because people often don't see themselves making the smoothie bowls that they see on Instagram, but they can pull together a piece of cheese and a pickle with a pinch, because they have it on hand too, you know?”

We must also celebrate @ken.eurich's super simple but effective rat snack - chip soup.

Not chips dipped in soup (which would also work) but vinegar-y chips, crushed up in a bowl and sprinkled with salt.

Meanwhile, @eatkyoot explained her go-to was crisps and chocolate and @geenaandfrankie combined a chocolate iced donut with chunks of cheese.

The great part of rat snacking is that there are really no rules. In fact, the more bizarre the concoction, the better.

Brb, off to the kitchen.

Featured Image Credit: @Abbeyskitchen/TikTok

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