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McDonald’s fans go wild as new Squishmallows are released early

McDonald’s fans go wild as new Squishmallows are released early

An unexpected drop of the latest Squishmallows by McDonald's has led to a frenzy as fans rush to collect them all

Fans of McDonald's have been left scrambling to get their hands on the fast food chain's new Happy Meal toy after a woman revealed they had been released early.

On a bargain group on Facebook, an enthusiast of the toy let slip the news that two new squishmallow’s had been released early by McDonalds.

Michelle Scammell showed off a picture of the two boxes she’d managed to nab before their supposed November release date, which shows a little green dinosaur (Tristan) and a blue creature (Rorty).

These Happy Meal toys are collectable, which means that every parent with an obsessed child has been scrambling to find every squishmallow to complete the set.

After the first release of the toys for Halloween saw some pretty spooky additions that started off the craze, the fast food giant's classic range is proving to be a hit too.

One mum was chuffed by her bargain.
Facebook/ Rebecca Paragreen / Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group

The food chain has previously put out that it would be releasing six classic teddies in mid-November, but there have been people that have managed to get them a lot sooner.

Scammell took to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK to write: "Two new Squishmallows in McDonald's."

Posting a picture of the Happy Meal boxes, she showed off the Tristan and Rorty plushies.

But if you don’t want to scour Maccies for the Squishmallow plushies, you can always browse shops which sell them for around £9, but it comes as an additional cost as McDonald's allows you to have one as part of your meal for just £3.59.

Rebecca Paragreen was another happy customer who was able to grab the same two plushies as Scammell.

McDonald's released Halloween Squishmallows.

Writing to the same Facebook group, she said: "New squishmallows next week - another 6 to collect.

"We asked to purchase some of the Halloween ones but they only had Bella left so he checked the delivery for me and let us purchase two of the new ones, so kind of him."

Others in the group were amazed that the mums were able to get their hands on the new toys early and were excited to get theirs too.

One person wrote: “Oh no, back we go.”

Another commented: "I have the big Tristan. Looks like a trip to McDonald's for me."

Someone else added: “All maccies I’ve been to only seem to have the same one each time I just want to collect them all”.

Featured Image Credit: McDonalds/Facebook/Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group

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