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Dad gives warning after daughter left ‘screaming’ as she finds ‘white bits’ in chocolate

Dad gives warning after daughter left ‘screaming’ as she finds ‘white bits’ in chocolate

The Aussie man says his daughter was in tears when she was meant to be enjoying a tasty treat

When we’re snacking on a tasty little chocolate egg (you know, our daily afternoon snack), if we find something inside then we obviously hope it’s a toy.

Maybe a little car to race along the office desks or a doll to stand on the edge of our laptop. But definitely not a living thing.

And this dad has had to issue a warning after buying one for his daughter – although we’d again like to say, chocolate eggs are 100 percent for us non-children too.

Clive Henare bought a chocolate egg for his little girl from a store in Upper Coomera on the Gold Coast, Australia, on Tuesday (19 September).

The little tasty treat for his daughter featured wrapping from a popular children’s TV show, Cocomelon.

But after she’d gotten halfway through, she began to scream.

The little girl was in tears after discovering what looked like insects in her chocolate egg.
News Corp Australia

Clive from North Brisbane told NCA Newswire: “She was in shock, tears and spit running down her face.”

And this wasn’t because she’d received a toy she didn’t want, but because she’d seen some ‘white bits’ in the chocolate.

In a total nightmare, she quickly realised the little things were actual, living insects. Gross.

“I was really scared, so I looked around the chocolate and found them moving so I threw it across the room,” she said.

She then added maybe the most heartbreaking thought we could have here: “I can never buy chocolate eggs again.”

Clive admitted that at first he thought his daughter was just using her imagination.

He explained: “I looked and didn’t see anything... but then they started coming out of the chocolate.

“Then she really screamed so I just grabbed it and threw it out the window because she was really freaked out.”

Now that isn't so tasty.
News Corp Australia

Jokes aside, it really is a stomach-turning scenario. Especially this next part…

Because the little girl reckons she consumed at least one of the unidentified, worm-looking creatures while she was enjoying eating the chocolate.

Clive went back to the Upper Coomera Choice the Discount Store to alert the manager of the living things inside the sweet treats.

It’s reported that the store manager apologised to the disappointed dad and also offered him a refund for the egg.

The store has now removed the eggs from its shelves.

“I don’t care about [the refund], I just hope it doesn’t happen to another kid because my daughter was really upset,” Clive said.

Tyla has contacted Choice the Discount Store for comment.

Featured Image Credit: News Corp Australia

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