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Woman Baffled After Finding Out Her Flight Seat No Longer Exists

Woman Baffled After Finding Out Her Flight Seat No Longer Exists

She was well and truly baffled

A woman was left totally baffled after find out her flight seat no longer exists.

You can watch the video below:

Daisy – who goes by @daisybarr1 on TikTok – had made her way to the back of the plane to locate her seat, when she found that it didn't exist.

"When you're row 26 But row 26 doesn't exist anymore," she wrote.

In the clip, Daisy films where the row of seats should have been, but instead, there's simply an empty space with a woman sitting on the floor.

Daisy also claims that neither she, or anyone she was travelling with were offered any assistance, but they did manage to find some empty seats.

"We obviously didn't stand up during the flight. We just went and found some empty seats, and no on helped us, luckily there were some," she said.

Daisy was mega confused by the situation.

Other people were shocked by the mishap, with one person writing: "The fact that how many people from the airline would have seen your seat number and they still let you on the plane."

While another joked: "It's cause you didn't buy the extra delivery and assembly when you booked the seat."

In a statement, easyJet told LADbible: "There has been a change in seat configuration on some aircraft this summer for operational reasons and so we reallocated these customers new seats and they flew as planned."

In other news, easyJet has announced that further flights will be cancelled over the summer period due to a range of issues.

Since the start of the busy summer months, easyJet flights from British airports have been cut, leaving devastated holiday-makers to cancel long-awaited trips abroad.

Issues such as airport handling delays and staff shortages are responsible for the wave of cancelled flights in recent weeks.

Last week, Gatwick Airport announced plans to bring in flight caps for the months of July and August to help deal with staff shortages.

In response to a request from the Department for Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority for airlines to review their schedules and ensure flights are deliverable, easyJet has revealed that a number of its flights will be cancelled as a result.

Featured Image Credit: @daisybarr1/TikTok

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