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Farmer says she's 'fed up' with treatment from male colleagues while working

Farmer says she's 'fed up' with treatment from male colleagues while working

She's well used to operating machinery, driving tractors and looking after animals

A young Australian farmer has expressed her frustration over how she's treated by her male counterparts while doing her job.

23-year-old Brigitte Belle works on her family farm in Warragul, Victoria, operating machinery, driving tractors and looking after animals.

She is now using her 200k+ social media following to talk about her life on the farm, including how she is fed up with some of her male colleagues.

After deciding enough was enough, she took to TikTok to vent about her experiences with men.

Brigitte said: “I love the look of surprise on their f***ing face when I reverse up a trailer easy peasy lemon squeezy and it’s perfect, dead on, every single time.

Brigitte is fed up with men asking if she needs help.

“They think I’m this little f***ing girl that doesn’t know how to do s****.

“Women also know how to back trailers, they know how to drive big machinery, grow up!

“It's 2023 mate.

“I have seen men who can’t back a trailer, do I pick on them?

“No I don’t.”


She added that men on the farm should never underestimate a woman unless they want to get humbled. You tell them girl!

The video has been viewed by millions, and Brigitte is receiving a growing amount of support from women - and men - all over the world.

One user, sharing a similar experience, commented: “An ex made me reverse a trailer twice because he thought the first time was a fluke.”

Another said: “I’m a guy who can’t reverse and I would totally ask you to do it.”

One woman said: “My partner taught me a bit but I never got behind the tractor, he never had much trust in me.”


She has received more than 1.4 million likes on all of her TikTok videos combined, and now shares her life on the farm, inspiration quotes, and even how to bring animals back to life.

In another recent clip, which racked up 2 million views, she showed off her outfit of the day - a red flannel shirt she got from her ex, a pair of old boots and some blue jeans 'which have rips in them all over'... Yes, even in the 'a**e crack'.

She also joked that her dad had 'eight daughters' and clearly wanted a boy, adding: "So now he's made me into the son, as you can tell!"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@belle252525/Instagram/@bridgittebelle25

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