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Estate agent has brutal response to 'sleazy' stranger who found her number on listing

Estate agent has brutal response to 'sleazy' stranger who found her number on listing

Someone tracked down an estate agent and started trying to flirt with them, they had the most brilliant and brutal response.

An estate agent had the perfect response to a guy who messaged her through work and decided to try some flirting.

Melbourne based estate agent Meika got a message from a prospective customer called John, but things soon took a turn for the worse when he tried flirting with her.

His first text said he'd seen her professional profile online and was getting in touch as he was interested in a house.

However, it was soon apparent that he was on the market for more than just 'a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house based in sunshine' that he'd been asking about.

Meika suggested he make an appointment so they could go through some possible houses he might like to buy, but John then revealed his ulterior motives for getting in touch.

See that big spike on the audio? That's where Meika pretends to be in a car crash just to get out of the conversation.

Declining the offer of a meeting, John instead asked for the addresses of open houses where she'd be 'so I can see you', following that up with a winky face emoji. Yuck.

Following his unwanted advances, she cooked up the perfect response, sending him a voice message to let him know in no uncertain terms that nothing was going to happen.

The voice message goes: "Hey John, it's Meika here, we've got a couple of openings you can attend. I'll send the addresses, it's just... OH MY GOD!"

After that, it's about 20 seconds of blaring car crash noises as it sounds like Meika has been hurt or killed in an absolutely horrific accident.

She posted the message to TikTok captioned 'pov: how to stop sleezy guys from messaging you ever again'.

Meika (right) had the perfect response to a creep in her messages.

To be honest, as far as plans to get rid of creepy guys go, faking your death in a horrific car crash for which they are partly to blame is a pretty good one.

However, posting the results to TikTok might end up giving the game away and revealing that you weren't actually in a horrific crash.

Then again, if you're willing to pretend to be in a horrendous accident just to get away from someone, it would be really useful if they got the hint that you don't want to talk to them anymore.

People thought the estate agent's response was brutal and perfect, as well as being something that 'made me laugh so much more than it should have'.

Others thought she could have taken a different approach, suggesting she agreed to meet up with John but having her boss show up instead.

Some wondered if John had continued the conversation, despite the apparent car crash on the other end.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@createvicrealestate

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