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Doorbell cam captures woman falling off bike after night out

Doorbell cam captures woman falling off bike after night out

Leoni had had a few drinks when she fell off the bike.

A woman who cycled home after a having a few drinks on a night out was caught falling off her bike - by her doorbell camera.

You can watch the clip below:

Leoni Williamson, 20, was left in hysterics after she cycled home on a rented bicycle, only to face-plant outside her front door as she arrived home.

She had been clubbing in Clapham, south west London, before her and her friend decided to head home - but Leoni had a bit of an accident before she could make it inside.

In the funny clip, Leoni declared she was home before losing her balance and tumbling off her bike, in full shot of her doorbell camera, which caught the whole episode.

She expressed how everyone found it amusing, explaining: “My friend and I laughed a lot.

“My family found it very funny, they laughed too.

“Everyone says they can’t stop watching it and it gets funnier each time.”

Leoni fell off her bike as she approached the front door.
Caters News

We told you earlier this year how one woman had a similar incident when she got home from a 'quick lunch with friends' but failed to make it to her front door.

Things quickly went downhill after her 'quick lunch' turned into 'six hours of cocktails', according to her husband Craig, who watched the whole thing unfold on their CCTV camera.

You can watch it below:

When her friends pulled up outside her house, Rebecca successfully managed to exit the vehicle, but a few hours of drinking quickly left her legless and it wasn't long before she hit the tarmac.

We're guessing she'll be nursing more than a hangover after that!

Having recorded the footage of her fall, Rebecca's husband Craig posted the video online, writing: "This is my wife returning home after a supposed quick lunch with friends 7 hrs later.. But will she make it to the front door..."

The hysterical clip quickly went viral, leaving thousands of viewers in stitches.

Catching the video on LADbible, one amused viewer quipped: "Bottomless brunch has claimed another."

A second couldn't help but point out that the woman 'went round like a windmill' before she face-planted to the ground.

And a third joked: "She thought she was going around the magic roundabout."

Oh dear. We've all been there! If there's one thing that security cameras are good for - besides the obvious - it's capturing our tipsy stumbles home after a night on the bottle.

Featured Image Credit: Caters News

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