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Couple win battle to give son name after registrar tried to stop them

Couple win battle to give son name after registrar tried to stop them

Dan and Mandy Sheldon were shocked when the name their chose for their son was rejected

A couple has won a battle to give their baby a controversial name after the bold choice was initially rejected.

One of the biggest responsibilities for new parents is picking the right name for the baby and it’s not as easy as it may sound, especially when people don’t agree on the chosen name.

But what if the name is ‘banned’ and the person who disapproves of the name picked for the baby is the registrar?

The registrar opposed the name.

This is what happened to parents Dan and Mandy Sheldon, from Derbyshire, who were allegedly told their son would not succeed in life if he was given the controversial name.

The moniker in question? Lucifer.

In Christianity, Lucifer is one of the names given to the Devil and therefore has unfavourable and hellish connotations.

Dan and Mandy, who are not religious, decided to call their son Lucifer because they wanted a ‘nice, strong’ name after ‘struggling’ to come up with one.

Speaking to Rochelle Humes and Ore Oduba on This Morning back in July 2020, Dan appeared on the show with four-month-old Lucifer and explained that the registrar warned the child would ‘never succeed in life, no teacher would want to teach him and no employer would want to hire him’.

The dad also said critics have suggested the name Lucifer is in line with trying to name a baby Hitler.

“It should have been a joyous day and it was very hurtful,” he told the two hosts. “We didn’t know what to say, we didn’t know what response to give to her.”

The parents managed to name their son what they wanted.

However, the couple managed to name their son Lucifer despite opposition from a registrar after launching an official complaint to the local council when the registrar declined.

Although the UK does not have laws banning specific names, those with obscenities or numerals can be rejected by the registrar.

The name ‘Lucifer’ is banned in other countries like New Zealand, which added the name to its list of prohibited monikers in 2013 along with the names “Christ” and royal-themed names like “King”, “Prince” and “Princess”.

The couple got their wish in the end and little Lucifer has the name his parents chose for him when the registrar discovered that it is not illegal to give the child that name.

Derbyshire County Council released a statement that said: "We apologize if they were offended but it is the job of our registrars to advise in these matters as sometimes people are not aware of certain meanings or associations around certain names."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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