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Dad gets revenge after mother-in-law takes away daughter's Christmas present

Dad gets revenge after mother-in-law takes away daughter's Christmas present


A man has revealed how he got revenge on his mother-in-law after she took away his daughter's Christmas present.

Taking to Reddit, the dad explained how after bagging a new, well paid job this year, he wanted to go all out for Christmas and treat his family.

He explained how he spent a lot of money on his nine-year-old daughter, which he says she deserved after excelling in school and being 'the kindest soul you'll ever meet'.

But when his mother-in-law heard how much she was getting, she decided to take away the gift she had planned on giving to her granddaughter - and the dad was not impressed.

The dad explained he wanted to spoil his family this year.
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"This year I got a new job that has been paying me very well," he explained.

"Therefore, for this Christmas I decided to splurge on everyone. In particular, I spent a lot of my money on my nine-year-old daughter and she deserves it 100 percent.

"She has been pushing herself in school, helping around in the house without being asked, and always being the kindest soul you'll ever meet."

But when his mother-in-law heard about the gifts, she wasn't impressed.

When his mother-in-law heard about the gifts, she wasn't impressed.
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"She started saying that a nine-year-old did not deserve that many gifts and she would be taking away the gift she bought my daughter so that my daughter wouldn't be too spoiled," he said.

"I told her that was unfair especially since my mother-in-law promised my daughter a doll for Christmas and my daughter was looking forward for it.

"My mother-in-law said let it be a lesson to my daughter that in life she can't get all things she asks for."

In revenge, the dad decided to return the £500 designer bag he had bought his mother-in-law, giving her a £33 robe instead.

"Once my mother-in-law opened her present she was disappointed asking if that was all from me, because everyone else got increasingly more expensive gifts from me," he added.

"And I said yes and apologised if I disappointed her but we cant always get the gifts we hoped for.

"After this happened there was tension all day and once everyone left my wife was furious that I bought everyone things way more expensive than her mother."

The mother-in-law took away the daughter's present.
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Taking to the forum for advice, Redditors had a lot of opinions.

One said: "You need to sit your wife down and have a serious talk.

"Your mother-in-law punished your daughter as a proxy for imposing her values on you. Your daughter is innocent in all of this."

Another suggested buying the doll with the money from the designer handbag.

What would you do?

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