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Dad-of-seven bought newborn son a £2.5m yacht

Dad-of-seven bought newborn son a £2.5m yacht

His young daughter also has a personal chef.

Most parents lavish their newborns with gifts, but one doting dad has went further than most by buying his newborn son a £2.5 million yacht.

Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, 51, a dad-of-seven, and fiancé Scott Hutchinson, 27, certainly spared no expense for their son Romeo, who was born via a surrogate on August 12.

Barrie told the Sun: "We have literally bought every designer that you can imagine already. 

"Burberry, Versace, Dior, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, if a designer sells baby clothes we have snapped them up."

The dad then explained that the newborn's expensive wardrobe isn't just their doing, as his eldest daughter, Saffron, also spent £10K on clothes before Romeo was even born.

"The moment he was born, another £20k. she has totally gone over the top," he admitted.

Barrie added that he also went all out on gifting his new son, even giving the new yacht his namesake.

"We just spent £2.5m on a yacht for Romeo and named it after him," Barrie said.

"It is currently in Miami where Saffron is boarding with her new boyfriend and heading over to Cuba and the surrounding islands for two weeks."

He added: "We want to give him the same start in life as the other kids so we have set up a trust fund for him."

The dad went on to reveal that his new son was born after he, Scott, and his ex-husband, Tony Drewitt-Barlow, donated their sperm before choosing Romeo's gender via a process known as sex selection - made possible via IVF.

As reported by the Sun, the family don't check to see who the children biologically belong to after making their sperm donations.

However, it is only Barrie and Scott whose names are listed on Romeo's birth certificate.

For Barrie, Romeo will be his last child, and he admitted he is 'calling it a day'.

Barrie and his ex-husband are two very wealthy men, who are reportedly worth £175 million.

They became Britain's first gay dads back in 1999, and are both registered as parents on their children's birth certificates.

The former couple of 32 years split when Barrie fell for younger lover Scott, who is also the ex-boyfriend of his daughter, Saffron, 21.

The family's second youngest child is a two-year-old daughter, Valentina.

She even has her own personal chef, so the trio of dads aren't worried about any sibling rivalry between her and Romeo.

"She gets what she wants when she wants it," Barrie said. "She has a personal chef, a whole play room full of the latest gadgets and toys, full time live-in nanny and a team of house staff that take care of her every need, including a full time hair stylist that styles her hair every day.

"She is the ultimate daddies girl, a total Princess!"

Thankfully, Tony has also found love again with new man Brent.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@donbarrie1

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