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Two Inseparable Sausage Dogs Marry In Adorable Ceremony

Two Inseparable Sausage Dogs Marry In Adorable Ceremony

Gandalf and Galadriel are the pawfect couple.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

As if sausage dogs weren't cute enough, now an inseparable pair of them have married in a lavish ceremony. No you stop it.

The big day had guests, food and a photoshoot - all to celebrate the love of the two pooches who cannot get enough of each other.

Gandald's humans bought him a lady friend because he was lonely and frustrated. (

Humans Abram and Erin Adams, both 40, decided it was time for their two Daschunds to make their love official, so they planned the wedding day earlier this year.

Initially the couple from Visalia, California, got Gandalf, two, in 2017 but he was frustrated being alone, so a few months later they decided to get him a girlfriend, Galadriel, one.

The pair quickly became inseparable (

Erin, a photographer, said: "When we brought Gandalf home he was so clingy and lonely we could not leave the house without him getting worked up in a fit".

She said that buying him a partner in crime was the "best decision ever".

Abram and Erin decided the loved up pooches deserved a wedding ceremony. (

The unison soon saw Gandalf fall head over heels for his new mate. For starters, he won't share food with any other dogs in the household except Galadriel.

Erin said: "We felt we needed to make their relationship official, they are obviously madly in love, Gandalf will only share his food with Galadriel, not the other dogs."

The cute pooches had outfits fit for the big day. (

"He growls and protects the food from them for both himself and Galadriel."

"Gandalf thinks he is 10 feet tall, he is a lover, a flirt, gives the smoulder and constantly has to be touching someone for a snuggle."

Abram and Erin's children all came to the ceremony. (

"Galadriel, like her name, is regal, royalty, head always up, always together looking her best, she is the queen of the house, and she knows she's gorgeous." No wonder Gandalf fell for her, she sounds like such a queen!

"They love to snuggle, bark, walk, bathe, they do everything together," Erin added.

These dogs seem prefect for each other. (

The couple waited until both dogs were 'adults' to allow them to marry and then invited over their seven children, Sabin, 22, Andrew 20, Eli 17, Madelynn 11, Sofia 10, Isaiah 8, and Ella 6, for a little ceremony in their back yard - performed by their cattle dog.

They of course dressed the happy couple in wedding attire, with Galadriel in a white frilly outfit with matching bow in her hair (a veil would have been impractical for a dog with such little legs after all - she would've been tripping up everywhere!).

And Gandalf looked seriously dapper in his grey blazer and white shirt outfit complete with a bow tie. How pawsitively adorable.

We hope they live happily ever after... Furever.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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