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You Can Now Enjoy Brunch With Your Dog For Valentine's Day

You Can Now Enjoy Brunch With Your Dog For Valentine's Day

Dogs are the best companions you could ask for after all...

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

From ghosters, to cliché bunches of flowers, to worse, sickeningly loved up couples to remind you you're alone, Valentine's Day can often be a let down for everyone involved - single or not.

But have you ever considered spending Valentine's weekend with your pet dog? No? We hadn't either, until now.

A restaurant chain in London, known for being dog-friendly, is now offering up a celebration of doggy love this February and it sounds epic.

You and your pup can head down to M Victoria Street restaurant on Saturday 15th February and enjoy brunch together.

The event on 15th February costs £35 for you and your dog (
M Restaurants)

But before you dine, your pooch will participate in speed dating. Whilst you aren't roped in, your dog has the opportunity to check out all the other pooches lined up.

A sniff, lick or kiss between dogs means it's a match and they will then be seated together for brunch afterwards, although not before they've been snapped on the doggy love thrones. Adorable!

Plus, who knows, maybe your dog's partner's owner will be a total babe...

At this restaurant, your pooch can sit at the table to dine with you - your four legged friends are certainly not left out here.

They will be served up either black pudding granola or bone marrow risotto, whilst you can enjoy buttermilk fried chicken waffles with a hen's egg and peanut butter ice-cream, or chicken livers on toast with capers, onion and aged beef fat - it's called the 'six-legged menu'. Gedddit?

Your dog will enjoy black pudding granola or bone marrow risotto at the brunch (
M Restaurants)

Whilst you dine, the executive chef will also offer up a 'Cook for your fur-baby' masterclass with interactive examples of delicious dishes you can make your little one at home - your little furry one that is.

The event starts at 11am, costs £35 to attend, with £5 of the fee going directly to Dogs Trust.

By tucking into delicious food, you are literally helping dogs. What better reason do you need than this to dine out?

Plus, it means you automatically have a date for Valentine's Day and it will be with the real love of your life.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes are welcome provided they are trained, well-behaved and make less noise than a 'crying baby' (
M Restaurants)

So as long as your dog is well-trained, clean, "makes less noise than a screaming baby" then this is the V-Day event for you.

To book email [email protected] or call: 020 3327 7776.

Featured Image Credit: M Restaurants

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