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Woman Mortified After 'Intimate' Covid Jab Experience

Woman Mortified After 'Intimate' Covid Jab Experience

This is one to remember!

A woman had the most awkward experience receiving her covid-19 jab but luckily for us she shared the story on TikTok - and we can't believe our ears.

The TikToker, who posts with the username @tobiasfunkestan, posted an audio message in a group chat with her friend in which she told of her 'intimate' covid jab experience with a male jab administrator.

Listen to her story in the video below:

The video, which was posted in January this year, quickly went viral and has accumulated more than 106,000 likes and 628,800 views.

After the majorly cringeworthy interaction happened, the TikToker called it an “intimate jab,” which lots of commenters thought was hilarious.

“Stop that’s so funny,” said one TikTok user.

Another account wrote: “This was jokes”.

One woman shared: “This has honestly made my day ‘intimate jab’ sent me over the edge.”

Some people defended the jab administrator and said the unknown man did well considering the unusual circumstances. One person wrote: “Aww poor thing haha. he seemed mature and calm about it tho [sic]”.

The TikToker who posted the video replied to some comments and quipped: “Can never show my face at the local pharmacy again.”

While most of the comments were about the jab, some commenters said the TikToker's voice resembled a very famous Love Island contestant.

The TikToker described her jab experience as 'intimate' (

"Molly-Mae is that you?" wrote on commenter.

"Molly-Mae?" added another.

In other TikTok news, a man on the video sharing app has shocked women across the country after he revealed his 'biggest ick'.

Sharing a video of a date with a woman who appears to be his girlfriend, the man wrote: "Lads... I've found the biggest ick."

Let's just say women were fuming.

One woman said: "I FEEL SO ATTACKED RN."

Meanwhile another account wrote: "We can’t help it".

Watch the video below to find out the ick:

What do you think?

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