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Couple Divorce After Wedding Dance Song Choice Causes Argument

Couple Divorce After Wedding Dance Song Choice Causes Argument

Quickest wedding ever?

Your wedding day is meant to be the happiest day of your life – but for one couple, that glow of marital bliss was somewhat short-lived.

The newlyweds realised a little too late that things weren’t meant to be at their wedding reception, after the groom was left unimpressed with the bride’s choice of song, according to local reports.

The bride's choice of song was not popular (

After tying the knot in Baghdad, the groom quickly asked for a divorce when his bride started dancing to provocative Syrian song Mesaytara by Lamis Kan, according to Gulf News.

The song, which translates as “I am dominant” or “I will control you”, features a number of provocative lyrics which include: “I am dominant; you will be ruled under my strict instructions, I will drive you crazy if you looked at other girls on the street.

However, family was not impressed by the song (

"Yes, I’m dominant, you’re my piece of sugar. As long as you’re with me, you’ll walk under my command."

While the bride was busy enjoying the song, the groom and his family were not best pleased, causing a huge row between the two families and culminating in the groom divorcing his wife.

 The sudden split means their wedding is the shortest wedding in the country’s history.

It’s also not the first time that particular song has led to heartbreak, with another couple in Jordan choosing to go their separate ways when Mesaytara was played.

It wasn't a happily ever after for these two (

In other wedding news, one furious customer wreaked havoc in a bridal store, after a row culminated in her cutting up 32 wedding dresses.

The incident, which took place in Chongqing's Jiangjin District, happened when the woman was told she was not receiving her £400 deposit back.

The woman had ordered a £900 wedding package from the bridal store, but had suddenly cancelled it.

She started destroying dresses when shop assistants informed her she was no longer entitled to her deposit.

Chinese website Sohu claimed the 32 wedding dresses are thought to be worth in the area of £10,000.

You can read more about that here.

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