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AI ranks the top ten most handsome A-list actors and it's really going to divide opinion

AI ranks the top ten most handsome A-list actors and it's really going to divide opinion

There were some frankly shocking inclusions

ChatGPT has created a list of the top ten most handsome actors.

Attraction is definitely a subjective thing. Some people might prefer a man whose muscles have muscles, while others might go for a cuddly dad bod.

Despite beauty standards in Hollywood and beyond, preference is highly individual.

It doesn't take into account other factors such as personality, shared interests, values, or musical and artistic talent. Someone might be physically attractive, but also a walking red flag.

Chris Hemsworth topped the list.
Instagram / @chrishemsworth

We asked ChatGPT to come up with the ten most handsome men in the world and the answer will certainly spark some debate.

When asked, the AI engine answered: "Certainly! Beauty is subjective, and opinions may vary. However, here is a list of ten popular A-list actors known for their attractive appearances, including American and British stars..."

I'm sure you're dying to know who ChatGPT picked, so, here's the list:

  1. Chris Hemsworth (Australian)
  2. Henry Cavill (British)
  3. Brad Pitt (American)
  4. Ryan Gosling (Canadian)
  5. Idris Elba (British)
  6. Chris Evans (American)
  7. Tom Hardy (British)
  8. Michael B. Jordan (American)
  9. Benedict Cumberbatch (British)
  10. Leonardo DiCaprio (American)

It added: "Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and there are many other talented actors who could be considered equally attractive."

Henry Cavill came in second.
Instagram / @henrycavill

I mean, it certainly makes sense. There does seem to be of a pattern, with the possible exception of Benedict Cumberbatch, who I honestly did not expect to see there.

There also seem to be some pretty glaring omissions as well. Where's heart-throb and silver-fox George Clooney? Surely he merits a mention. The same goes for the effortlessly charming Hugh Grant, Pierce Brosnan, and Zac Efron.

And if you ask me Sean Bean definitely deserves a spot. It's the accent.

No matter how you look at it, beauty standards are not only down to individual preference, they're also subject to social change as well.

For example, throughout most of human history men have worn makeup. In the 18th century, men would powder their faces and don wigs and beauty spots. And don't forget the tights and high heels to show off those lovely masculine calves.

In fact, men wearing make up was fairly common as recently as the 19th century. Then the victorians introduced the boring, suffocating men's fashion they're still lumped with today.

Featured Image Credit: PA Images / Collection Christophel / Alamy Stock Photo

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