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Cashier praised for her 'perfect' response to man who told her 'Why aren't you smiling?'

Cashier praised for her 'perfect' response to man who told her 'Why aren't you smiling?'

Is there anything more irritating?

There's nothing more irritating that when someone asks you to crack a smile - especially when you're really not in the mood.

One woman has been praised for her response after a colleague asked her why she wasn't smiling at work.

Taking to Reddit, the woman asked other users if she was in the wrong, after she clapped back at a security guard where she works who told her to smile.

The woman explained there were no customers around, but added that when she told her mum about what had happened, her mum was of the opinion it wasn't appropriate.

"I work as a cashier and a few days ago I was pulling a major resting bitch face. I know I know we're supposed [to] look like we enjoy every second of this job but it was pretty dead at that moment," she explained.

"Our security guard takes one look at me and says this. 'C'mon smile, why aren't you smiling?' I hate when I get this question because it's like the people who tell me to smile had never worked retail before.

"So I turn to him and respond. 'Kevin, I am cold, tired, and hungry! And you better pray to whatever God you worship that my period doesn't start right now!' He shut up and backed off for the rest of the day.

"My mom, her and I work at the same place different departments, asked what I said cause she saw my face but didn't pick up everything from the conversation.

"I told her and she laughed but said I shouldn't have said that to him. Sure looking back it wasn't work appropriate but no customers were around so I thought I was in the clear, AITA?"

The woman took to Reddit for advice.
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Reddit users were quick to respond and give their verdict on the matter, with many praising the woman for her response.

One person wrote: "It is so condescending for someone to demand women smile just for their pleasure."

While another said: "Your response was perfect."

And a third added: "There were no customers around, and he asked a dumb question. Why would you be smiling when you are at work, and there is no one else around?!! You'd look pretty silly sitting there and smiling away at... nothing... right? LOL."

And a fourth commented: "Men need to stop telling women to smile."

What would you have done?

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