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Boyfriend Has The Best Revenge On 'Creepy' Delivery Driver Who Texted His Girlfriend

Boyfriend Has The Best Revenge On 'Creepy' Delivery Driver Who Texted His Girlfriend

Honestly, deserved.

A girl's disgruntled boyfriend decided to take matters into his own hands when a 'creepy' delivery driver took her phone number and started texting her after dropping off a washing machine.

Kacey Wheeler, 21, was at home in Bradford, West Yorks last week when the delivery man brought in the washing machine and dryer with a colleague - but felt a little bit awkward when she noticed the driver couldn't stop staring at her.

After they left, Kacey called her fiancé Ryan Sagar, 22, joking that the delivery man was "in love with her" - but Kacey's joke became a little less funny when the same delivery man texted just 20 minutes later.

Kacey Wheeler and Ryan Sagar were shocked when the delivery driver started texting her. (
Kennedy News and Media)

The text message meant for Kacey actually went straight to Ryan's phone, after he put his own number down with the order details.

Shocked that the Curry's delivery man had decided it was appropriate to text his six-months-pregnant fiancé, Ryan decided to get revenge.

Posing as Kacey, Ryan texted the driver back, launching into a six-hour exchange that he later shared to Facebook.

In the messages, the delivery driver, known only as Jordan, bragged about being a former prison "bad boy" and even suggested they should "meet up to get this washer sorted."

Humiliating the delivery man, Ryan's later texts (posing as Kacey) included asking Jordan if he would be interested in a threesome, dressing up as a Marvel superhero in the bedroom, or being a sugar daddy.

When Jordan tried to keep the conversation going the following day, Ryan simply texted back: "Listen f**k off now I'm bored you took the wrong number off the sheet you been texting her boyfriend all night."

Kacey's boyfriend decided to get revenge on the cheeky delivery man. (
Kennedy News and Media)

It's safe to say that the couple didn't hear from Jordan again after that.

Sharing screenshots of the light-hearted prank to Facebook, Kacey and Ryan's story went viral.

While the couple thought that the prank would be a funny way to teach the driver a lesson, Ryan said that the situation had angered him.

"There's my shoes in the house, Kacey's six months pregnant and she's got an engagement ring on. It's just utter disrespect. When I got the phone call and the text came through I was annoyed, but then I thought I'd make a laugh out of it." he said. "I thought I'd scared him off on the night, talking about a threesome, but then when he messaged back the next day and I wasn't having a good day at work so I just told him to f**k off."

Kacey and Ryan shared the embarrassing texts on Facebook. (
Kennedy News and Media)

Meanwhile, Kacey admitted that she is now afraid to accept deliveries while she's at home alone. She said: "It wasn't the worst-case scenario, but the fact he was lingering around in the house and he'd gone out of his way to get my number, I just won't want to take deliveries in on my own."

Currys have said they were treating the matter "very seriously" and confirmed they are currently investigating it.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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