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People Outraged At Partner's Response After Woman Said She 'Felt Fat'

People Outraged At Partner's Response After Woman Said She 'Felt Fat'

This was definitely the wrong response!

A woman who told her partner she 'felt fat' didn't quite get the response she was looking for - and people are fuming.

Hannah - who goes by the name of @rodrickssimp_ on TikTok - posted a clip to the video-sharing platform, where she revealed a screengrab her partner had sent her.

You can watch the video below:

In the clip, a message from her partner reads: "If you feel fat just don't eat for a few. Dunno what else to tell you babe."

Hannah added in the caption: "He didn't even send a tw."

It's not clear what Hannah's initial message was, but by his response it seems like she was looking for a little reassurance.

And people were fuming with the message, with one TikToker commenting: "And they say romance is dead!"


And a third added: "He really thought abt it, TYPED IT OUT, and still decided it was okay to say."

While a fourth said: "Did he just…. cure body image issues worldwide?"

And a fifth commented: "Imagine not taking a few moments out of your day to just make the person you claim to love feel better."

The woman was shocked by the message (

Some users took the partner's side, with one writing: "Not an appropriate reaction but I feel like it seems like he’s tired of hearing it. I’ve unintentionally snapped like that."

While another wrote: "I’m not saying what that is is right it’s not but what do u expect him to say."

And a third said: "Not defending anyone but i have friends that constantly complain about the same things and tbh ive just run out of things to say after a while."

But others were having none of it, with one responding: "Maybe comfort her at least. Like is empathy not an option?"

And another added: "These comments are horrible. you’re so beautiful babes and you deserve to eat whenever and whatever you want. you deserve way better than this boy."

People were fuming in the comments (

And one pointed out: "He may not know what else to say but encouraging skipping meals is not a solution!!"

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