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Mum's Plea To Beachgoers After Son's Foot 'Melts Like Wax' On Sand

Mum's Plea To Beachgoers After Son's Foot 'Melts Like Wax' On Sand

A mum is warning others after her son had a horrific injury.

A mum has issued a warning to others after her son ended up in hospital with burns on his foot from stepping on scorching-hot sand.

Kerensa Long is asking beachgoers to be extra vigilant in making sure their bonfires and barbecues are properly put out after her four-year-old, Ezekiel, suffered a devastating burn to the sole of his foot.

Sharing a photo, Kerensa urged others to use sea water to make sure fires are properly put out, and suggested beachgoers mark the area with stones to warn others, after there was no evidence that a fire had existed in the area Ezekiel burnt his foot.

A mum has issued a warning to others after her son ended up in hospital with burns on his foot.
Cornwall Live/BPM Media

"As it's that time of year, I just want to send a message to people to clear up and make sure it's safe before they leave," she told Cornwall Live.

"Take the barbecue home or wash it in the water first. It's irresponsible and it can have a big impact."

Ezekiel was taken to hospital after the injury, with his mum explaining: "The bottom of his foot is completely blistered and tomorrow they have to cut all the skin off.

"He's all bandaged up and on ibuprofen and paracetamol but he can't put a shoe on and probably won't be able to go to play school on Monday."

Poor Ezekiel burnt his foot on the sand.
Cornwall Live

Kerensa explained she was also concerned for younger, toddler-age children who could be crawling on the beaches and unable to lift themselves from the sand.

The incident comes as the UK experiences a mini heatwave, with Brits flocking to beaches across the country as the weather warms up.

With the high temperatures, an expert has issued a warning about the correct amount of suncream to apply, to ensure you and your loved ones are fully protected from the sun's rays.

Bruce Green - chartered chemist and founder of SOS Serum Skincare - has revealed how much SPF you should apply and when.

The mum is asking beachgoers to be extra vigilant.

He told The Mirror: "Most individuals use too little sunscreen. If you must sunbathe, think about a double application of sun cream. Apply the first layer 15-30 minutes before the beach and then apply another layer when you hit the sun. It's like getting a protective coat of armour.

"Use enough cream to cover thoroughly all exposed areas: face, nose and ears, hands, arms, and legs. Don’t forget the backs of yours and other necks."

Green warned that no matter how good your SPF is, it's only as good as its application and re-application. "Reapply sunscreen every two hours or so and after swimming or sport," he added.

Featured Image Credit: Cornwall Live/BPM Media

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