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Doctor shares five 'gross' body parts we're not washing properly

Doctor shares five 'gross' body parts we're not washing properly

Dr Jen Caudle explained that there are five body parts that many people aren’t washing properly

A doctor has shared five ‘gross’ body parts that we’re apparently not washing properly – and I imagine there are some on her list that many of you are guilty of not scrubbing enough.

Family physician Dr Jen Caudle (@drjencaudle) regularly posts videos about everything from health to hygiene.

In a recent post, she explained that there are five body parts that many people aren’t washing properly, and while some may seem obvious, others might be areas you’re neglecting.

"You’re not washing these correctly,” she wrote in the caption, beginning in the video with the, ahem, derriere.

"I need you to wash your bottom properly," Caudle said bluntly.

"I need you to get a wash towel or a wash rag and some soap and I need you to wash your bottom. That’s right. You wash your front, I want you to wash your back with a wash rag.

Yep, some of you need to pay better attention to cleaning your bum.

"It’s not enough, in my opinion, to shampoo your hair in the shower and just let that shampoo or soap sort of just run all over your body and call it a day.

"No, I’m gonna need you to get a wash rag – same thing goes for your pits. A wash rag, please."

Caudle continued: “Other body parts we are not washing correctly is if you’ve got folds or lumps or bumps or extra skin or anything like that, lift them up and wash under them.

“Pretty please, if you’ve got big boobs, lift them up, wash underneath. If you’ve got folds of skin etc – totally okay! Just wash underneath the folds.

“Because remember, infections and things can develop if they’re not washed properly.”

You need to also clean beneath all your lumps and bumps - including the boobs.
Lars Zahner/Alamy Stock Photo

Next up is the belly button – an area she says gets particularly manky if not looked after properly.

“You’d be surprised how many people do not clean their belly button,” Caudle said.

“Guys, it gets gross. Please wash your belly button.”

The doctor also recommended paying particular attention to your ears.

She went on: “No Q-Tips – we always say nothing smaller than the elbow should go in the ear, so no Q-Tips.

“What you wanna do is get a wash rag, wash that canal, make sure there’s no ear wax coming out of your ear. Because yuck, okay?!

“Ear wax, by the way, is protective, it’s a good thing, but you don't’ want it coming out of your ear, okay? Also, you can have it professionally cleaned if it’s causing you problems.”

She advised against using Q-Tips.

Finally, she listed two more areas of the body that we should always clean properly, once again using items that you’ll already have.

“The last two areas I want to remind you to clean are the back of your knees and your neck,” she said, adding: “Wash rag and soap.”

In another video, Caudle also spoke about areas we’re not washing enough, including specific parts of the ear like the top and the lobe, and nails – where ‘lots of dirt and grossness’ often gets trapped.

Featured Image Credit: @drjencaudle/TikTok/Oleg Elkov/Alamy

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