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Baby Captured 'Waving To Ghost Of Great Grandma' In Creepy Babycam

Baby Captured 'Waving To Ghost Of Great Grandma' In Creepy Babycam

This is terrifying.

Parents believe they caught their baby boy waving at the ghost of his great grandmother after terrifying baby cam footage left them sleeping with the light on for days.

You can watch the scary moment below:

Dad Jamie Bonnett, 30, from Scotland, thought two-year-old son Loki was pointing at a lampshade while trying to settle the little one before bed.

But eerie baby cam footage showed Loki's puzzled expression quickly turn to hysterical laughter as he began waving towards an empty corner of the room.

As Jamie looked a little unsettled and confused, Loki began repeatedly saying 'hi' before dad Jamie asked: "Who are you saying hi to?"

Eery baby cam footage shows Loki's puzzled expression quickly turn to hysterical laughter (
Kennedy News and Media)

Jamie and partner Stacey, 25, believe Loki saw his great grandmother, Isabel Mathers, who sadly died from cancer at the age of 87 earlier this year.

Jamie said 'shy' Loki won't say hi to anybody aside from family members, and explained how Isabel told the parents she'd be 'looking out for them' before she passed away.

Stacey found the ordeal comforting, but Jamie admitted he was so 'creeped out' he bought a night light to sleep with for a few days afterwards.

"It's clear he was pointing to someone over in the corner and saying hi. He's very shy, so he won't say hi to anyone unless they're family," said Jamie.

"The way he was smiling and waving, the only person we could think of that he'd be that close with is Stacey's grandmother. She's just passed away quite recently and he was close with her.

"I wouldn't say I believed in spiritual things before, but my beliefs have changed a wee bit. It's nice knowing that maybe there is something after [life] and maybe she was there watching over him."

Jamie and Stacey slept with a light for a few days (
Kennedy News and Media)

Jamie continued: "They say that children are more susceptible to seeing this sort of thing. We knew for a while that she was dying and she did say she'd be watching out for us.

"At first I thought he was pointing at the lightshade. When he pointed again and asked 'what's that?' I could see he was pointing into the corner. And then he started waving and saying 'hi' to the corner.

"He was smiling and giggling afterwards as well. He sat in bed with a big smile on his face. He laughed and that was actually surprisingly one of the best nights we've had with him.

"I was shocked and didn't know what to do. I felt cold and creeped out, but it's brought a bit of comfort to Stacey that perhaps it was her granny.

"We got a wee night light for a few days afterwards. That's got about four different levels of brightness and I think we slept on the third brightest one."

Loki was close to his great grandmother Isabel (
Kennedy News and Media)

Jamie says Loki has waved at a cupboard near their bedroom a few times previously, but this encounter has creeped him out the most.

After Stacey uploaded the video onto TikTok, many were baffled by the experience.

One user commented: "It's a grandparent saying 'hi'."

Another added: "Her guardian angel was present. The fact that she was not scared."

A third added: "Omg I would have grabbed him and ran out of that room so fast."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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