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People 'Sobbing' After Sisters Share Incredible Announcement With Parents

People 'Sobbing' After Sisters Share Incredible Announcement With Parents

This is too cute.

Social media users have been left in tears over a mega adorable video of two daughters revealing their pregnancy news to their parents.

You can watch the clip below:

In the clip, the two sisters and their partners can be seen standing outside with their parents.

They ask them to close their eyes and hold their arms out, before placing a pregnancy test in each hand - one belonging to each sister.

They then ask their parents to open their eyes - and the response is incredible.

In total disbelief, the pair can't believe that both of their daughters are pregnant at the same time, with the sisters later confirming they're only five days apart.

There's a lot of tears, and hugs all round, before the sisters' dad starts running around the yard screaming 'I'm gonna be a granddad!"

This is so cute.

The parents were so surprised.

And social media users were obsessed with the video, with many in floods of tears over the emotional scenes.

One person wrote: "This is just what I needed this morning. Moments like this are so very precious."

While another said: "This is so pure and so sweet. You can see how genuinely Happy both parents are. The grandma to-be face says it all."

And a third added: "This got me."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "Sobbing".

Even the family dog could be seen wagging his tail!

The sisters are five days apart.

In other pregnancy news, we told you about the woman who found out she was pregnant with two sets of identical twins, a one in 70 million medical phenomena.

Ashley Ness from Taunton, Massachusetts said she was left speechless when her ultrasound in February revealed she was carrying not one but four babies, who are not quadruplets but in fact twin girls and twin boys.

Speaking to Good Morning America, the part-time hairdresser said: "When she first started the scan, she was looking at the screen and wrote, 'A, B,' so I stopped and looked at her and was like, 'Wait, I'm having twins?'

"And she's like, 'Oh I don't know... I'm going to step out for a minute'."

After her extra special delivery was confirmed, the mum-of-one admitted her shock soon turned to excitement as she and her boyfriend Val, who has three children from a previous relationship, revelled in the news.

The 35-year-old explained that she had struggled to get pregnant, so the news that she was carrying four children felt like a miracle.

You can read more on that here.

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