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Psychic dubbed 'living Nostradamus' gets first prediction of 2024 right

Psychic dubbed 'living Nostradamus' gets first prediction of 2024 right

One of mystic Athos Salomé's premonitions has come true

Whether you're a sucker for the supernatural or you're a hard-faced skeptic, you must admit, there's something about psychics predicting the future that has you at least somewhat intrigued - even if that is just so you can shut down the superstition yourself...

With that in mind, one of the world's most hotly-debated premonitions - made by globally-famed medium Athos Salomé - has been proven true.

The Brazilian mystic has been dubbed 'The Living Nostradamus' in recent years, after the famous 16th century prophet who wrote a multitude of accurate predictions during his lifetime.

This 'OG' psychic is said to have predicted the likes of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

And it seems as though Salomé has been following in the real Nostradamus' footsteps, with a brand new series of 2024 predictions of his own.

Now, however, one of his most predictions for the year ahead appears to have come somewhat true after he claimed there’d be 'three days of darkness'.

If your electric hasn't blown, or you don't live in Norway, don't be confused just yet, because this will soon start making sense...

Ahead of NYE 2023, Salomé told the Daily Star that a solar flare would hit Earth, and that a coronal mass ejection (CME) was ahead of us.

One of Athos Salomé's predictions has come true.

For context, a CME is an ejection of magnetic field and plasma mass from the Sun and there's one every few days though they don't always have a massive effect on Earth.

But last month (24 March), a major 'X-class' coronal mass blast from the Sun was recorded by scientists - believed to be the biggest solar storm since 2017.

Despite Salomé' estimations that the solar blast would result in 'three days' of pitch-black chaos, the impact of the recent super-hot energy barrage hasn't yet been fully measured.

"The piece delves into conspiracy theories surrounding the Three Days of Darkness coinciding with a total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 raising concerns about solar coronal mass ejections (CMEs)," he told the publication last year.

And if this prediction is anything to go by, we have a HELL of a turbulent year in store.

He believes that a new threat will trigger a global conflict, and that there an invasion of the US this year, after the country is 'betrayed'.

He predicted 'three days of darkness'.
Getty/Mark Garlick/Science Photo Library

Salomé also reckons the human race has several natural disasters to look out for - but luckily for us, he knows exactly where they'll strike, with him having told The Sun that they'll happen in the Middle East, Africa and US and will range from hurricanes, storms and forest fires.

Sadly, just four years after we first faced the turbulent Covid-19 pandemic, Salomé predicts that we'll face a similarly devastating health crisis.

Stranger still, he believes that artificial intelligence will this year allow humans the chance to communicate with their late loved ones.

And as well as catching up with those beyond the grave, he believes 2024 will mark a turning point in space exploration, and that we'll also be able to converse with alien life forms...

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@athos_salome/Tetra Images/Getty Images

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