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Furious woman closes bank account on the spot after teller says she can’t withdraw cash

Furious woman closes bank account on the spot after teller says she can’t withdraw cash

She had no hesitations in shutting the account down

One woman decided to close her bank account on the spot after the teller said she wasn't able to withdraw cash.

The mum, from Brisbane, Australia, had absolutely no hesitations transferring 'every single penny' out of her bank account and shutting it down altogether after being informed she couldn't access her money.

Taryn Comptyn has since shared her far-from-satisfactory banking experience to TikTok and opened up about how the whole ordeal really 'got [her] thinking about our banking system'.

Taryn Comptyn took to TikTok to share her banking nightmare.

She began by explaining a little context behind why she needed the cash in the first place.

"So," she started, "I am getting some reno's done at home and I needed three and a half thousand dollars cash."

Taryn popped down to her local ANZ banking branch and, after realising she didn't have her actual bank card on her person, she thought: "Well, that's fine, I'll just go to the teller."

It was not, in fact, fine at all.

The Aussie continued: "The teller proceeds to tell me they don't have cash in the bank anymore. You can only get it out through the through the ATM."

However, the teller assured Taryn 'don't worry' as she would set her up with a temporary card.

And that's where things all seemed to go wrong.

The temporary card kept showing up with an 'error message'.

The woman recalled that when she tried to use the card at the ATM, she was met with an 'error message'.

"It just kept giving an error message. It wouldn't even let me get to the point to put my pin in when I tapped it. It just gave this error message," Taryn went on.

According to Taryn, the teller said: "I am really sorry, there is nothing we can do."

She continued: "I was like, what do you mean, I need to get my money out of my bank account."

The teller then apologised: "Yeah, really sorry. Like, we don't carry cash here."

And that was clearly the last straw.

The mum then immediately 'transferred every single penny out of that account'.

She said: "Luckily for me, I am with another bank.

"So I transferred every single penny out of that account, closed the account while I was there and went and got my money at another bank."

Taryn said it 'got [her] about our banking system'.

Taryn concluded her TikTok, which has since been viewed nearly 40k times: "But it just got me thinking about our banking system and where we're at and how the hell can you go to a bank and not access your own money?"

She captioned the storytime clip, echoing: "How the hell can you go to a bank and be told you cannot access your own money?"

An ANZ spokesperson has since issued a statement on the matter, via

It reads: "At ANZ we have seen in-branch transactions fall 50 percent over the past five years, with just one percent of transactions now done over the counter and 96 percent conducted digitally.

"Some ANZ branches no longer handle cash at the counter, but continue to have cash available through our onsite Smart ATMs.

"At these branches, cash and cheque deposits and cash withdrawals can continue to be made by using our Smart ATM and coin deposit machines, and we have staff on hand to help customers using them for the first time."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@basketballmumma

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