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Woman with 'world's biggest lips' now wants to break another record

Woman with 'world's biggest lips' now wants to break another record

Andrea Ivanova has shifted her focus from her big lips to another part of her face she wants to enlarge.

A woman with artificially big lips has revealed the facial feature she wants to enlarge next.

Andrea Ivanova spent £8,000 on her rather large pout in a bid to have the ‘world’s biggest lips’.

After staring her lip transformation in 2018, she decided auction off ‘kisses for cash’ on Instagram in order to secure the funds to enhance her look in time for Christmas.

But now, the social media influencer’s attention has shifted from her mouth to elsewhere on her face.

She has over 25,000 Instagram followers with whom she shares hundreds of selfies on her main feed and Instagram Stories.

And she's undergone further surgery, including jaw, chin filler cheekbone fillers as she chases a new world record.

The social media influencer said not everyone is a fan of her new look.
Jam Press

“I want in addition to the biggest lips in the world, to have some of the biggest cheekbones too,” Andrea, from Sofia, Bulgaria, announced.

She explained: “I’ve had four hyaluronic acid injections in my cheekbones so far, but I will undergo two more within a week.

“For the healing process, I need to avoid strong pressure on the face for up to three days afterwards.

“My aim is to model and gain significant enlargement of them, but of course, I still want bigger lips, too.

“I will continue with more injections in [both] to make them even bigger.”

The former philosophy student is no stranger to needles as she has received over 34 injections in her lips and continues to still have more.

Andrea wants to enlarge her cheekbones next.
Jam Press

Despite her big ambitions, she claims that several clinics ‘refuse’ to give her more lip filler as they are too big and more injections could cause health complications.

Doctors have warned her to pay attention to any pain in her mouth, as future procedures could be potentially ‘fatal’.

But these important warnings from experts have seemingly fallen on deaf ears as Andrea declared: “My lips are still not big enough and I want them much bigger than now.

“Every month, I will get more fillers, but I can’t even count how much money I’ve spent in total.”

She estimates to have spent £1,600 so far on her cheekbones. While Andrea would argue it’s money well spent, not everyone agrees.

Andrea started her lip transformation in 2018.
Jam Press

“There are many negative comments about me everywhere and a lot of people don’t approve of my new enlarged chin either,” she complained.

“My face is sharper now, but I like it a lot. “Even though my family don't approve of my new look, they have to respect my choice for my change.

“I don’t worry about people’s comments, as I have my own taste and views on beauty – I follow them strictly.

“Each person should satisfy themselves without fearing or worrying about the opinion of others because the meaning of life is to be happy.”

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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