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American woman living in England broke down in tears when visiting supermarket for first time

American woman living in England broke down in tears when visiting supermarket for first time

"Nobody hates England more than the English."

An American woman living in England has revealed which aspects of her new life in Britain that she's found the most challenging.

While of course, the great British weather was high on her list of qualms, TikToker @ashlee4ever revealed that she actually broke down in tears during a recent supermarket trip - and the reason makes so much sense.

Take a look at Ashlee explaining below:

Explaining how she was feeling pretty homesick at the time - which probably contributed to her heightened emotions - Ashlee said that the number one difference she noticed was the pack sizes in comparison to the States.

Revealing how she'd nipped to the shop with her boyfriend to pick up some ice cream, she was horrified that most ice cream bars and cones come in packs of three or four.

And really how long is that going to last?

Now, we've not put much thought to this before but Ashlee is pretty spot on here.

Ashlee revealed the things she's found challenging.

"The biggest culture shock for me has been grocery shopping," she explained.

"My boyfriend and I were trying to buy like some ice cream bars the other day and they only come in packs of like three or four, which like I'm used to packs of like 12 or something.

"Like three or four what is that supposed to do for me? Are you kidding me?That's gonna' last me a day and a half between the two of us. You know after that debacle I was so homesick and started crying."

Considering England is a pretty wet country, Ashlee also couldn't understand why rented homes don't come with dryers.

Ashlee said she 'broke down' in tears in a UK supermarket.

However, many commenters were quick to point out that people in the UK do have dryers in their homes, but considering the cost of energy bills right now, many are keeping them firmly off.

Speaking of the environment, Ashlee also noted that 'everything' in UK supermarkets is packed in plastic.

Despite the complaints, she said that her and her boyfriend are enjoying being in England together and 'everyone's really, really great'.

Overall, she's enjoying being in England.

Many TikTokers were desperate to know which area of the UK Ashlee is living in, and in the comments, she later revealed that her new home is Bolton.

And it's fair to say social media had some thoughts on this, with one writing: "I’ve never heard of people moving TO Bolton."

While another said: "Girl not Bolton, sending condolences."

Ashlee revealed she had had some similar comments IRL, adding: "I feel like nobody hates England more than the English.

"Every time I meet someone and they find out I'm from California their first response is, 'why are you here?'"

There's nothing like a warm British welcome!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ashlee4ever/TOLGA AKMEN/AFP via Getty Images

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