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Aldi Shoppers Praise Supermarket Chain For Renaming Feminine Hygiene Aisles

Aldi Shoppers Praise Supermarket Chain For Renaming Feminine Hygiene Aisles

The aisles have been renamed to be more inclusive to trans and non-binary people.

Supermarket giant Aldi has won praise after it changed the name of its feminine product aisles to break the stigma around periods and to be more inclusive.

The aisle will now be labelled as containing 'period products' to reflect the fact that periods aren't unhygienic and that not everyone who menstruates identifies as a woman.

Period products on the shelves.
Alamy / René van den Berg

When the change – which has also been adopted by ASDA – was announced on social media, people were quick to praise the move.

One fan wrote: "In some places and culture they see a woman on the period as dirty or unclean then add how we name the products. "'Feminine hygiene' again makes it sound like what is happening is something dirty when it is a natural thing women have little/no control over [sic]."

A second agreed, writing: "Good on them! Having your period is not a hygiene issue."

"As long as they have what I need, they can name it whatever!!" wrote another.

"I am glad they've called it period products," one user added. "I'm glad they are normalising periods rather than it being considered unhygienic."

Another fan of the move took to Twitter to praise it.

They wrote: "Incontinence products are used by all bodies & so shouldn't have been in the 'feminine hygiene' section anyway. & feminists have been campaigning against the euphemistic & patriarchal label 'feminine hygeine' for years. 'Period products' is straight to the point & inclusive [sic]."

Another similarly praised ASDA's move, writing: "Massive well done to @ asda for changing the language in their stores and taking steps to being more period positive [sic]."

A close-up of menstrual pads.
Alamy / KKStock

Richard Shuttleworth, Diversity and Inclusion Director at Aldi UK, said of the change: "We are pleased to have renamed the category both in-store and online to better reflect how shoppers feel about period products."

Boots also made the decision to rename its 'feminine hygiene' aisle 'period products', and the move was praised by Gabby Edlin, founder of Bloody Good Period.

As reported by The Independent, the group 'fights for menstrual equity and the rights of all people who bleed'.

"This new name/announcement displays an inclusive attitude to gender with periods, which is so important to make sure everybody is able to talk about periods," she said.

"It also removes the stigma of periods being dirty, or something we need to hide away or not talk about.

"Having very matter of fact period products rather than 'feminine hygiene' tells you what it is, with no euphemism to hide behind, and no shame or stigma."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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