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Mum issues urgent warning after daughter was almost strangled to death by blind cord

Mum issues urgent warning after daughter was almost strangled to death by blind cord

A mum has revealed that her child came close to choking herself on a pull cord.

For many parents, their children mean everything to them.

And if there is one thing we can do to protect our kids, it's to learn from mistakes when they happen.

One mum has warned fellow parents after her child almost choked to death on a blind curtain pull cord.

Emily shared her message with parents group Tiny Hearts Education and urged mums and dads to be 'aware of' what their children are up to.


Her young child Ava was 'unable to breathe' after she accidentally wrapped her neck around some blind strings.

"I didn't want to post this. I didn't want anyone to know but I do feel this is something all parents need to be aware of," Emily's message read.

"Ava was playing on the porch yesterday and was messing with the blind strings.

"She said she wrapped it around her neck and then tried to get out without unwrapping it.

"She wasn't stuck was able to breathe, talk and was never in distress.

"Thank GOD. I have the worst mom guilt and it instantly triggered me due to my past.

"I was an absolute mess when I found out what happened later on."


The mum added: "She never told me what she did, just mentioned later on her neck hurt and didn't think twice about it. It wasn't until someone else noticed it that we were aware of the mark.

"I don't even want to think about what could've happened.

"I'm just so grateful she is okay. We explained to her the dangers of doing that.

"All strings are wrapped up now & we will be buying blinds that don't have strings.

"I hugged her so tight last night. I was so scared and was sick to my stomach when I seen this.

"I just want parents be aware of how quick something like this can happen since it's not something that most people think about."


Taking to social media, Tiny Hearts Education, which is based in Australia, issued a statement on their page.

"Unsecured blind/curtain cords claim the lives of 1-2 Australian children every year," it read.

"Parents, this is your reminder to secure the curtain and blind cords in your home.

"In Victoria, you can get a curtain/blind cord safety kit sent out to you for free.

"Check with your government to see if this applies to your state too."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@tinyheartseducation

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