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Martin Lewis shares the three hours to avoid when using your washing machine

Martin Lewis shares the three hours to avoid when using your washing machine

He's urged people to avoid using certain appliances during peak times

Martin Lewis has urged people to avoid using energy-zapping appliances, such as washing machines, during peak periods to help avoid the risk of power cuts.

With the colder, darker days still very much here in the UK, the National Grid is seeing a heavy demand for energy.

Money Saving Expert Lewis has also encouraged people to consider their power consumption and avoid using appliances during certain hours, if possible.

During a segment on ITV’s This Morning, Lewis suggested that people mix-up their usual washing routine and run their energy-guzzling washing machines outside of peak hours.

He said: "We are looking at energy difficulties this winter. We hope there will not be any blackouts.

"But there are emergency scenarios where power cuts in different regions are possible that have been put forward by National Grid."

Lewis revealed that the peak times for using energy in the UK are between 4pm and 7pm and that it would be a good idea if people could lower their usage during this time period.

Martin Lewis has urged families to avoid using the washing machine at peak times.

He added: "If we can avoid using lots of energy between 4pm and 7pm and it makes no difference to our lives, then we should all be somewhat conscious of that, whether or not it’s cheaper, because it will collectively help us all."

As an incentive to get people to use less power during peak times, the National Grid launched its demand flexibility service, which offers discounts to people who sign up and agree to use less energy during peak times.

The National Grid says more than a million homes and businesses have signed up to the scheme, which is run in conjunction with 26 energy suppliers.

More than a million people have signed up to a new scheme to lower energy use during peak times.
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Those taking part will need a smart meter and will save energy (and money) by doing things such as delaying use of the oven, washing machine, dryer or not charging phones and other devices at peak times.

The National Grid has said people will be able to save anything from a few quid to £30 depending on how much energy is saved.

In its first run on Monday (23 January) this week, the National Grid paid suppliers between £3 and £6 for every kilowatt hour of energy saved between 5pm and 6pm.

One family taking part in the scheme told the BBC they had gone out for a bike ride to avoid using energy at home, saying it was ‘a great excuse to get out for an hour and get some exercise while saving energy and money’.

Featured Image Credit: Mark Thomas / MBI / Alamy Stock Photo

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