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​Nurse Hammers Home Importance Of Flu Vaccine In Emotional Facebook Post

​Nurse Hammers Home Importance Of Flu Vaccine In Emotional Facebook Post

Nurse Bitz wanted to remind people why the flu jab is just so important.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

We all know having the flu is a stressful time. All those tissues, all those aches and pains and hot flushes, not to mention the constant need for headache pills and tablets to soothe your throat. It is quite frankly, exhausting.

But it is even more exhausting and potentially life threatening to certain groups of people.

From pregnant women to newborn babies, the elderly and those with weakened immune systems because of diseases like HIV.

There are so many people who are at risk of flu turning into something more serious and this nurse, Amanda Catherine Bitz, 25, wants us all to remember that.

To hammer home the message, she shared a heartfelt post on Facebook, detailing why everyone should get a flu jab.

The nurse from Minnesota went as far as to insinuate you're self-centred if you don't.

Her post was a plea to everyone and it read: "Last night I shared a post on Facebook that said 'Hey A**hole, the flu shot isn't about you.'

Amanda is urging everybody to get vaccinated.
Amanda Bitz

"Sitting here soaking up every ounce of caffeine before night shift, I figured I should elaborate.

"The flu shot is for Influenza, a severe respiratory illness that can lead to death. Have you ever had it? I have, and it's awful.

"You spike fevers, every bone and muscle in your body aches, and no matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to catch your breath.

"You get the flu shot not always for you, but for those around you.

"For the grandparents, whose bodies are not what they used to be, and they just can't kick an illness in the butt like when they were young.

"For the 30 year old, with HIV or AIDS, who has a weakened immune system."

Young babies are at risk of flu as they haven't had time to build up a strong immune system.

"For the 25 year old mother of 3 who has cancer. She has absolutely zero immune system because of chemotherapy.

"For the newborn baby who was just welcomed into the world, and isn't quite strong enough to fight off infections on his own.

"For the nurses and doctors that take care of you. If they get sick, they can't go to work and take care of the countless patients that need them.

"For the 50 year old husband who needs a medication for his chronic illness, and that medication also weakens his immune system.

"For the pregnant mom that has been trying to get pregnant for years, and now she's trying to stay healthy for her unborn baby.

"For the single dad who can't take any more sick days and needs to provide for his kids.

You can get flu jabs privately at Pharmacies if you're not eligible for one on the NHS.

"For the 7 year old boy that just wants to play with his friends. But he has a disease that puts him at a higher risk for infection, so he has to stay inside.

"The flu shot is NOT always about you. It's about protecting those around you, who cannot always protect themselves.

"I have been in the room as a patient has passed away, because of influenza. I have watched patients struggle to breathe, because of influenza.

"I have busted my butt to provide tylenol, warm blankets, nebulizers, etc. to keep that patient comfortable and fighting a terrible respiratory infection.

"Herd immunity is a thing. Influenza killing people is a thing. You getting the flu shot, should be a thing."

The post really hit home why healthy 'regular' people should get themselves immunised, because flu in high risk groups can cause serious complications, such as pneumonia.

It detailed her experiences watching people suffer because of those complications and in many cases no doubt after contracting the flu from a 'regular' healthy person.

Unfortunately in the UK, the flu jab isn't free unless you fall into a high risk group (find out here if you are in this group).

But you can access the jab privately for £20 from pharmacies, such as Boots.

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