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Woman left shocked after being told restaurant 'doesn’t cater for vegans'

Woman left shocked after being told restaurant 'doesn’t cater for vegans'

"I just can't believe that a restaurant that is so well-known would be so rude."

A woman has expressed her shock after being told a restaurant 'doesn’t cater for vegans'.

Though veganism still has a bad rep, the diet choice has been on the rise in recent years, and you can't knock people for wanting to do their bit to save animals and help the environment.

And since more or less every restaurant now offers vegans something to eat in some capacity, TikToker Amie-Beth (@amiebeth125) was left shocked when one eatery allegedly refused to cater to her request.

In a now-viral clip, the Essex resident explained that she and her friend wanted to visit Sheesh for a spot of food and a catch-up.

But things took a turn when they decided to ring ahead and check.

The TikToker prefaced the video by saying: "I don't know if I should actually be annoyed at this or if I'm just being a little bit privileged in some way."

She went on to explain that her mate was home from Dubai and so they wanted to find a place where they could dress up and just have a good time.

Amie-Beth had been to Sheesh a few years ago, and despite not having any plant-based mains, she had asked to just order a couple of sides such as chips, rice and hummus.

She claims that, at the time, the staff wouldn't allow her to do so as she had to order a main.

However, this was a while back and, as said, the veganism movement has grown significantly since then.

Just in case, her pal thought she'd give the restaurant a ring to check if she could order sides this time.

Amie-Beth's friend asked: "Basically my friend wants to come, she's a vegan so there's nothing on the main menu that she can order. Would it be okay if she just ordered sides? Because she's been before and that wasn't allowed?"

But, according to her account, the woman on the end of the phone responded: "We don't cater for vegans... I don't even know why a vegan would even want to come to our restaurant anyway."

The TikToker admitted that Sheesh is 'fancy' and has a celebrity clientele, adding: "People don't just go there for the food - they do genuinely go there for the vibes."

Amie-Beth and her friend were shut down by the restaurant.

But she said: "It's 2023, being a vegan isn't weird. And we were just asking a question. Fair enough if that's your policy, but... I just can't believe that a restaurant that is so well-known would just be so rude."

Hundreds of people have shared their thoughts on the incident, with many in agreement that the eatery was out of line.

"Sheesh is very overrated due to celebs going there a lot. I agree," wrote one.

Another said: "If a restaurant doesn’t offer vegan, vegetarian or gluten free options in 2023 it’s dead! No excuse."

"This is so bizarre," added a third. "What is the issue with ordering multiple sides instead of a main, I don’t get it."

Tyla has contacted Sheesh for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@amiebeth125

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