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You can now buy a Terry’s Chocolate Orange filled with crushed mini eggs

You can now buy a Terry’s Chocolate Orange filled with crushed mini eggs

How did I not know these eggsisted??

Christmas has now been and gone, which means it's time to throw out the mince pies, chuck the chocolate in a skip and get on the treadmill.

Except, hold on, no it isn't. Christmas might be over, but as we all know, that means it is now officially Easter.

And what does Easter mean? That's right, more chocolate.

The only difference really is that instead of coming in little wrappers in tubs, or hiding behind little cardboard windows with numbers on them, the choc choc now comes in egg form.

If you really want to get into the eggy chocolate vibe, then why not go for a chocolate egg with crushed up bits of different chocolate eggs inside it?

Good lord.

That's right, two of the biggest names in the chocolate egg game have come together to form what sounds like a work of art - a Terry's Chocolate Orange with crushed Mini Eggs inside it.

To be clear, you won't bosh your Chocolate Orange on the table and find a load of Mini Eggs rubble in the centre. The crushed up Mini Eggs are mixed inside each Chocolate Orange segment.

Sounds divine, doesn't it? Eggsellent, you could say (if you were a pr**k).

Getting a hold of one might not be so easy though, as they're far less abundant than the OG; however, they're currently on sale at Morrisons for £1.50, so go go go.

Grab one and don't put it down.

If you're surprised that supermarkets are already flogging Easter stuff, don't be.

Ultimately, they want your money, and if they can make you buy seasonal products out of season then they will.

Dr. Cathrine Jansson-Boyd, a consumer psychologist from Anglia Ruskin University, told The Mirror: "The reason why [supermarkets] do it is that often [the seasonal items] are on special offers.

"People are then thinking 'ooh but it's cheap now and if I buy them now, I can store them and keep buying things little by little, then I don't have to pay it all out at the point in time when perhaps I need to buy lots of it.'

"That's the reasoning for why they're doing it - in order to get the consumer to think it's practical for them.

"However, that is not why they're doing it - if you start buying mince pies in October because you want to put them away for December, you think 'ooh I'll have one' and then you have two and then you've eaten them and then you go and buy a new packet.

"Then as it's coming up to the festive period, you'll buy another one.

"So it's not because the shops want to start Christmas in October or Easter in January, it's just purely to get people to buy more and little by little you'll spend twice as much."

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