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Shoppers Outraged As Morrisons Introduces Mandatory 5% Deposit On Online Orders

Shoppers Outraged As Morrisons Introduces Mandatory 5% Deposit On Online Orders

Many shoppers weren't happy with the change

With the UK’s cost of living crisis plunging many into poverty, Morrisons has caused outrage with a 5 percent mandatory deposit on online orders. 

Shoppers will see the charge on their bill the day before their shopping is due in case one of their items isn’t available and has to be substituted. 

The supermarket chain will hold onto the fund, giving shoppers a chance to review and approve any substitutions. 


As common food prices have increased by around 6.7 percent since April 2021, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), this is an unwelcome change. 

The surplus funds, which may vary, will only be returned to shoppers two days after their shopping has been delivered and their final bill has cleared.

This could leave shoppers out of pocket as previously only £1 had been reserved for this purpose, MoneySavingExpert reports. 

Taking to Twitter to share their outrage, one shopper wrote: “Safe to say I won't be using Morrisons delivery anymore!! We are in a cost of living crisis right now and they choose to introduce a extra 5% deposit on your shopping total in case of substitutions!

“I now have to wait till after the weekend for that 5% to clear and get it back…”

A second agreed, explaining that the policy of substituting unavailable items was why they didn’t shop at Morrisons. “Charging for substitutions is one reason I don't use Morrisons for delivery,” they wrote.

“I'll tend to use Tesco or Asda instead (as they don't charge for substitutions). I once ordered the own brand [sic] version of something – Morrisons subbed in the name brand and charged me the name brand price.”


A third suggested that shoppers could get around the policy by clicking no substitutions on their orders. 

A fourth said people don’t have the money to afford this change of policy. 

The supermarket chain has defended the deposit, with a spokesperson telling Tyla the deposit is only held the evening before the delivery is due and not from when the order is placed

A Morrisons spokesperson said: "As a fresh food retailer, a lot of the food we sell does not have a fixed price as it depends on the size/weight of the product.

"To ensure customers pay the correct amount for their online shopping, we have introduced an additional hold on customer’s cards 5% above the value of their shop. The money is held the night before the delivery is due and customers are only charged the final amount of their shopping." 

Everyday items causing people to feel the pinch are pasta, crisps, bread, minced beef, and rice, which have increased in price by around 15 percent.

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