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People Are Kicking Off Over This Costa Coffee Toastie

People Are Kicking Off Over This Costa Coffee Toastie

They weren't impressed at all with the packaging.

Arguably the best part of the festive season is actually the introduction of Christmas-themed sandwiches in our local supermarkets and coffee shops.

But one customer was thoroughly disappointed with a toastie she nearly bought.

Posting to Twitter, the shopper complained about a Costa Coffee toastie they had picked up believing it was filled with turkey, but actually turned out to be a vegan alternative.

A Twitter user called the packaging "misleading" (
Twitter/Costa Coffee)

The customer shared a picture of the toastie in its packaging along with the caption: "Nearly picked up a fake turkey and stuffing toastie in @CostaCoffee today. How misleading to call it a Turkee, cranberry and stuffing toastie! No thanks! What on earth is turkee?? 🤢 #costa #misleading #badlabelling".

Some people agreed that this packaging wasn't acceptable.

A Twitter user replied to the post: "How do they get away with trying to mid-lead [sic.] the public in this way?"

However, many more people were not seeing the criticism as a valid comment.

Someone responded to the tweet: "I fail to see your problem. It is quite clear that it is a vegan alternative which means you can eat without causing suffering. What is it you are concerned about? That there is insufficient animal brutality wrapped up in the toastie?"

The toastie is back on the festive menu after popular demand (
Costa Coffee)

Other people have also noted the mention of "vegan" three times on the front of the packaging.

One person replied to the tweet: "says it’s vegan on the package 3 times it’s not misleading at all lmao".

Another sarcastically said: "If only there was a big green sticker that said vegan".

While someone else applauded Costa for the amount of clear labelling: "The labelling is -really- clear for a change! Nice one @CostaCoffee".

Some social media users even appreciated the original poster for alerting them to this new product.

"This looks sexy ngl, cheers for the promotion", commented one toastie lover.

The toastie is part of the Costa Coffee festive menu (
Costa Coffee)

The Twitter account for Costa Coffee replied to the original tweet, reassuring the poster "We have plenty of meat Xmas offerings as well".

The "Vegan Turkee, Cranberry & Stuffing Bloomer Toastie" also appears on the Costa Coffee website where they describe the product: "Soya protein and wheat gluten shred, cranberry sauce, sage & onion stuffing, sage & onion vegan mayo & fresh spinach in bar marked white bloomer bread."

The bloomer made a comeback on the festive menu this year after being a hit last Christmas.

Costa Coffee has been contacted for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Costa Coffee

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