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Mum says she was 'shamed' by daycare for her three-year-old's lunchbox snacks

Mum says she was 'shamed' by daycare for her three-year-old's lunchbox snacks

She included a healthy sweet treat for her child, but was warned by the daycare centre that it wasn't suitable

A mum was left frustrated after including a seemingly healthy treat in her toddler's lunchbox only for daycare staff to warn her it wasn’t suitable.

Iman shared a snap of the Freakin’ Healthy Double Chocolate cookies she had included in her three-year-old’s packed lunch, which stated that they are gluten-free, refined-sugar-free, and contain no eggs, soy, or dairy.

The cookie's ingredients include coconut sugar, coconut nectar, and natural vanilla flavour to sweeten. Sounds pretty healthy, right?

Well, not according to Iman’s son’s nursery who messaged the mum to tell her not to include the cookies in his lunchbox anymore.

In a post on a Facebook group dedicated to kid-friendly lunchbox ideas, Iman wrote: “My son started daycare two days ago and I got a message from his teacher.”

The note from the teacher read: “This is a kind reminder that chocolate, candies, nuts, peanut butter, zaatar, and boiled eggs are not allowed. Our food policy is for the safety of the kids.

“Please note that non-healthy food options are not permitted at school and not allowed to be eaten if brought.

The healthy treat the mum packed for her son.

“Also, we recommend limiting sugary drinks. Therefore we don't recommend sending boxed juices or flavoured milk - our first choice is water and milk.”

Iman’s post was soon flooded with responses from other parents who agreed the request was a little OTT.

One person said: “I understand the allergy concern request but no way would I be okay with a school telling me what they think is healthy or not.

“I'd be talking to whoever I had to if teachers didn't let my child eat something I packed for them if it's not an allergy-related concern.”

Another said the strict rules may also be a concern for those who ‘may struggle with financial issues and/or single parents who simply don't have enough time to pack/make healthy meals’.

The message sent from the daycare.

However, other parents sided with the daycare, with one mum sharing: “Why would you want your child eating sugar or chocolate for a snack though? The school is right, it should only be water or milk.

“I think this is appropriate - there is too much childhood diabetes and obesity. Surely people have enough time to chop a few fruits or throw a quick sandwich together, it is their child's health at the end of the day.”

While another person said allowing the child to eat his ‘healthy’ cookie could present a problem for the teacher who would then have to explain to the other kids why their non-healthy cookies weren’t allowed.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook / Independent Picture Service / Alamy Stock Photo

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